Izmir Nightlife

Izmir Nightlife

You can spend your night in many different districts of Izmir with a colorful nightlife. Live music performances, intermittent nights, bars or more stable places…

Some of the points of İzmir stand out for the places with many alternatives. Where is the nightlife in Izmir? If you are in search of the most active places, Izmir Discovery has prepared a good guide for you.

How is Nightlife in Izmir?
When it comes to nightlife in Izmir, too much can be thought of. If you wish, you can spend one night on the grass in Kordon, Karşıyaka or Bostanlı coasts. If you want to experience nightlife in various places, you should be in popular districts such as Alsancak, Bornova, Bostanlı and Bayraklı.

Nightlife in Bornova

Küçükpark and Büyükpark are the most active places of Bornova. In Küçükpark you can find many live music performances to spend the night. Of course, not only live music, club locations, chapters, rock and jazz you can listen to many cafes. Since Blues, Biralem, Empas, Kucukpark are some of the preferred places for nightlife. If you prefer Büyükpark, Ooze venue, one of the most popular places in İzmir, is one of the most decent places where you can prefer and spend time. It is also noted that many celebrities are frequented. The nightlife at Büyükpark is not only about Ooze venue. Dungeon is another important place. If you are looking for a good place for live music, Dungeon is one of the best choices you can make.

Nightlife in Alsancak

Alsancak is a place where Izmir lights until the morning and never goes out during the night. We can also say that İzmir is the center of entertainment and nightlife. You can see lots of alternative bars and cafes. If you're looking for a style bar or entertainment venue, let's just say there are places you can find them all. For live music cafes and bars, just walk around the side streets. Gazi Women's Street will be one of the most enjoyable places to spend the night. There are bars in Cyprus Martyrs Street where you can listen to music and have fun.

Another place in İzmir where attractions are located is Bayraklı. The lights of the rooms can be filtered even from Kordon which is on the opposite side. Tac Mahal, Marche Cabaret, Izmir Arena are some of the popular sites. Famous names take the stage in places that are preferred by elite.

Nightlife in Izmir
Bostanli and Karsiyaka
It will not be wrong to evaluate Bostanli and Karsiyaka in the same category because it is in the same region. There are many alternative bars in Karsiyaka and Bostanli. Popular pubs can say places like Ox, Train.

Night Transportation in Izmir
If you have a plan to go out for nightlife in Izmir, we recommend that you have your own car. Otherwise night transport is only provided by municipal buses at certain points. Although the city buses for Alsancak, Bornova and Konak are open 24 hours a day, they can wait you for a long time because they are very rare. Night-time flights called owls continue until morning. If you do not have these districts in your transportation point, commercial taxi will be the last resort for you.

People who are experiencing different cities are known to want to experience the nightlife of the city. When it comes to a previously unknown place, every detail must be lived to the fullest in order to digest the city. Therefore, it is a natural desire to see what is happening in the night of a city as well as to introduce new environments. Domestic and foreign tourists traveling to Izmir, there are many options to enjoy the nightlife.
Izmir, which attracts attention with both night clubs in the city and beach clubs in the coastal areas, is like a center in the night life. Alsancak, Kordon Boyu and Konak districts are the places to consider for those who want to enjoy the night.

For those who want to learn about Izmir nightlife, we will try to help by giving information about a few places;

Öküz Bar: This bar is an entertainment center with different concepts. It is possible to enjoy dancing and entertainment with famous DJ performances in this place, where eating and drinking facilities are also offered. This bar in Karsiyaka has recently opened a branch in Alacati. This bar, which has been open since 2012, has fun with friends or lover.

Address: Yalı Cad. 316 / A, 35580 Karsiyaka / Izmir / Turkey
Phone: (0232) 364 5556

Taj Mahal: It is one of the places where you can find different kinds of people who want to enjoy the night in Izmir. It serves only as a night club. It is known that the place is in demand because of its location by the sea and having a different ambiance. For those who have made dancing the focal point of life, it is considered the address of a beautiful night. It is important to note that it is only open in summer.

Address: 1649 Street No: 17 (Turan) 35000 Bayraklı / İzmir
Tel: 0530 828 60 60

Marche Cabaret: We recommend those who want to find different options among İzmir nightclubs. It has an unusual environment because it is a place that revives the cabaret life. The venue has a colorful ambiance and offers various shows. It will be the foundation of a beautiful night to watch the impressive and entertaining shows prepared. In addition, after the presentation of live shows, the venue becomes more active for those who want to dance.

Address: 1471 Sokak 22 (Alsancak), Konak / Izmir

Tel: 0232 463 88 00

KafePi Bornova: It is an old mansion in Bornova which has turned into a nice restaurant. It is considered as the first address of those who want to spend a comfortable and enjoyable time. With its unique architecture and garden that helps to breathe, it is especially frequented by young people. KafePi is designed in three different sections for summer and winter months. These sections; Spacious garden, historic lodge and lively winter garden. The opening of the place is known as 08.00 in the morning. It is known for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For those who want to spend time here, CaféPi Bornova’in guests between 03.00 – 03.14 to buy a product for the other product is required to know the free application.
Address: Erzene, 80. Street No: 23 35040 Bornova / Izmir
Tel: 0531 520 02 62

Volume Alsancak: Izmir is one of the most attractive places among the nightclub options. It is known for hosting many concerts. The capacity of the place, which is located in Alsancak district of İzmir, is 350 people. From past to present, it has hosted the performance of musicians and bands both living in local İzmir and coming from outside the city. The venue, where famous singers and music groups are also performing, attracts attention with its decent structure. It is still possible to enjoy the fun of this place, which still exists.

Address: 1482 Sokak No: 18 Alsancak / Izmir
Tel: 0532 606 27 60

İzmir Arena: This place is known primarily for its spread over a large area. İzmir Arena, which has an open area of 16.000 square meters and an indoor area of 2,200 square meters, is known as the address of cultural and artistic activities. This venue, where local and foreign groups take the stage, is also organized in organizations such as weddings and weddings. However, these organizations are mostly addressed to the elite. Given quality services in 2011. As a result of the Republic of Turkey Ministry of Culture and Tourism 'Best and F & Entertainment Venue' is crowned with the award.

Address: Turan, 1649. Street No: 107, 35540 Bayraklı / İzmir
Tel: 0232 382 23 82

Hayal Kahvesi: Hayal Kahvesi, which is located in Çeşme Marina, is one of the places to come to İzmir Çeşme. Because it is both a romantic and peaceful place, it is not possible to understand how time passes in the preferred place. The fact that many famous names give concerts during the summer months is an issue that should be considered by those who are thinking of going. Due to the full capacity of the room, which is quite large, it may be possible to encounter slow service.

Address: Cesme Marina 1026. Street No: 8 Cesme / Izmir
Tel: 0232 712 81 02

It is known that those who want to travel to Izmir want to visit the most recommended spots while enjoying the night life. Izmir night hosts the unique beauties that make people fall in love with this city.

It will be regretful for those who come to this city without returning to any of the chapters or taverns. We will try to help by giving an example for those who want to taste these places in İzmir;

Keyff İskele Fasıl İzmir Restaurant: İzmir is famous for its appetizers which are frequently found in the Aegean Region. Those who want to taste these appetizers are recommended to drink a few glasses of raki. The presentation of the tables prepared with raki and good appetizers in the chapter environment conquers people's hearts.

Keyff Pier offers an atmosphere of chapters accompanied by the unique timbre of Turkish Art Music, which removes the rust of the ears of the people. Those who wish to spend time against the view of Izmir Bay are recommended to visit this place. Serving on the old Karşıyaka Ferry Port, the venue is based on customer satisfaction.

Address: Karsiyaka Ferry Port, Karsiyaka / Izmir
Tel: 0232 364 08 88

Şımarık Meyhane: This place serves as a 3-storey building. It is possible to enjoy the view both in summer and winter months as it is a mechanism that can be opened and closed on the terrace floor. Turkey is offering many options in front of people in terms of Izmir, one of the eminent city taverns options, though, here it is the most preferred venue. It is very pleasant to taste delicious appetizers in the place where there are live chapters. In addition, the options offered as a main course, people will certainly like.

It is recommended to make reservations before arriving at Şimarık Meyhane which continues to serve on Sundays. Otherwise, there is a problem of lack of space.
Address: Cumbalı Sokak No: 13 Alsancak / İzmir
Tel: 0232 463 30 63

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