There are many nightclubs you will find in the country. Queens Nightclub is a favorite hotspot in Lisbon, where mostly home music is played and hosts many promotional nights throughout the week. Club Lux is partly owned by Hollywood actor John Malkovich and is one of Lisbon's most popular clubs. It has a spacious interior decorated with stylish, funky and retro furniture. The best DJs beat the latest music downstairs and there's a big dance floor that can hold a crowd. The top floor has a more relaxed atmosphere with an alternative style of music, creating a less intense experience. There is a balcony around the building and it overlooks the river. The large rooftop terrace is a great place to watch the sunrise. Another place to visit in Lisbon is the Style Bar and Super Club, which have very reasonable beverage prices.

Bars in Portugal

Atelier is a quiet bar close to the center of Porto. It is also one of the very few bars in the city where smoking is permitted. The Second Bar is a sports bar in Areias de Sao, which hosts a variety of sports events on TV.

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Experiences with Portuguese residents

From the important parts of the city to hidden gems. From food to home cooking. Our hosts will share with you.


Nightlife in Portugal

If you want to enjoy the club and the fun, you will love Portugal. The country's nightlife offers a more relaxed and relaxed vibe with dance, drinks and music. But that doesn't mean that the Portuguese don't know how to have fun; They just know how to give you a good time. You can party very tightly, but you don't have to put too much effort into it.

Clubs in Portugal are different when placed side by side with most party layouts. In a popular and busy nightclub, stripping like Porto or Lisbon means having a drink, taking a drink from the bar and running out. This makes the streets a large mass of streets. Those who want to dance should go inside where the DJ plays the music.

Other bars follow the next payment system where you give a card that needs to be filled when you order drinks. They must pay at the bar before leaving or you will not be allowed to leave the bar. They also have a minimum consumption policy, so you need to have enough stamps on your card so you can go out.

However, with the help of your local hosts, you will stay away and dance without worrying about how the Portuguese party will be partying and behaving.

Best Nightlife Experiences in Portugal

Party in Portugal

  • If you want to have fun, have fun and party, Algarve is for you. Spend the day swimming, sunbathing or wandering and end up with an explosive party experience in Albufeira, and then the Avenida Dr. Go to Francisco Sá Carneiro. Find crowded bars, shops, theme bars, restaurants and other shops illuminated by colorful dance neon signs.
  • Calm down and relax the night? Go to Lagos and experience a toned version of the familiar night out. Although the bars are a bit smaller and sharper, the fans give you a great party experience, giving you a real party experience.
  • The stylish bars are one of the many attractions of Braga's nightlife, where you can start a great evening with an authentic Portuguese dinner in one of the best restaurants in the area. Finish the night with the best drinks and party until you enter one of Braga's many dance bars.
  • Porto, Portugal's second largest city, is a place to go if you want a little bit of everything – and this includes casinos, bars, cafes, bars and clubs that cater to different preferences. Whether you're a bohemian looking for inspiration, a romantic beauty or just a drink, Porto has something for you.

Our guests about our guests

Cool Street Art Tour in Porto

Joao knows street art like the back of his hand! His passion is flowing to you quickly and he stops wanting to learn more (if you believe me, you learn as much as you can while you're on tour). Joao is friendly and fun as well as being professional. This tour is recommended at the beginning of your journey so you can continue exploring the streets equipped with new information!

Complete Oporto Experience in just 5 hours

Nuno has a fantastic 5-hour Porto tour. I couldn't understand much about Porto's history, the history of the tiles and the unguided secret places. He was very sensitive to requests. For some, a five-hour walk can be tiring. I found it refreshing. Totally worth it.


Private farm brewery experience outside Porto

I asked Luis if he could take the Brewery Tour and customize it, so I spent more time with the brewer and Luis was very happy to welcome me. Later in the evening we organized a visit and had a wonderful time chatting with the beer, tasting their beers and explaining their methods.

Later Luis, the beer and I all went to eat and drink beer and Luis brought me to a wonderful beer bar. It's not all inclusive, so take the extra money but the extras were definitely worth it and we had a really nice meal.

This was everything I loved about a WithLocals tour. I felt like I was strolling with a friend, not a guide, but Luis's flexibility spent a really relaxed evening.

Best bars in Portugal

  • If theme parties are your business, Wild & Co. is a bar for you. Bring memories of an American Pub cum American Saloon party and a wild night to cum all night in an Irish Pub.
  • Go upstairs at night or dance the night away and dance in the basement of Bon Vivant, a disco nightclub in the heart of Lagos.
  • Paint the town red and dance like there's no tomorrow at Braga Pub Crawls, it's open until 4:00.
  • Get lost in rock music from Tendinha dos Clérigos and Radio Bar, deliver your soul to electronic music from Plano B Bar in Porto, or dance to Twins Foz. Whatever your preference, you can be sure of a great time.
  • Enjoy a beer at Chessenta, a bar at Rua do Prior. In addition to enjoying the beer, you can have an amazing time with a crowded crowd of beer lovers.