Nightlife in Amsterdam

Amsterdam, the capital of the Netherlands, which welcomes many tourists from all over the world every year, is in a way known as the escape point for those who want to be “naughty”. Amsterdam nightlife attracts everyone.

In addition to convenient transportation in the city center, historical and cultural places, city life positioned according to tourists, sex tourism, which is protected with reasonable level of drugs (cannabis) and legal facilities, attracts entertaining tourists to Amsterdam.

Netherlands Nightlife
Amsterdam at night
The Dutch have reacted from time to time, the world's mind to come to distract and come to Amsterdam often accused of making incidents of tourists in the city is the target of comfort.

When we put all these attractive items one by one, Amsterdam is always in mind as a holiday destination where tourists do not hesitate to spend money and come frequently.

Amsterdam Red Light District Street Price

When it comes to nightlife in Amsterdam, the only alternative is not just ”entertainment tabi. The Red Light District, where many travelers (the word traveler may not only refer to those who come to this end), eagerly dive into the streets, is called the part of the city where the registered prostitutes, guaranteed by law, make inviting dances and movements from the shop windows of the red small rooms.

Red Light consists of intertwined canals and streets.
A few main streets on the shore of the intertwined canal and a few narrow streets that cut these streets, glass-bottomed rooms lining the bottom, attract the attention of tourists who want to see Amsterdam nightlife as well as those who want to prostitution. Especially when the dominant color in the streets moving at night is red, one inevitably enters the air.

A fee of 50 euros was paid for 15 minutes of service, while the region dates back to 1400’l in the past with the brothels where sailors meet today continues to function.

Red Light Streets

There are many tourists who come to Amsterdam just to see the Red Light.
In Amsterdam's oldest church, Oude Kerk, a crowd of prostitutes lurking around waiting to see the crowd of prostitutes can watch porn movies in video cabins on similar streets, or enter through the doors of these clubs to watch people having sex in live sex clubs.

When tourists are ranked according to the reasons they come to Amsterdam, the Red Light District is undoubtedly one of the top reasons. Particularly British bachelor parties and often the subject of British press for a period of the region, night celebrations, dress parties and all kinds of crazy people resembles a natural film plateau.

Netherlands Nightlife
The streets of Red Light welcome tourists from all over the world.
Safe Zone
The region, which was granted a special law by the decision of the Dutch Government in 2000, also stands out as the safest area of Amsterdam. (It would not be wrong to say that Amsterdam is not a problem in terms of security in general)

The prostitutes registered under the supervision of the municipality perform their duties under the security of the police at any time in the rooms with 24-hour camera cameras and alarm buttons in their rooms.

The number of prostitutes of Eastern European origin, especially in the Netherlands Nightlife, increases from year to year, and there are women who prostitution to pay tuition.

Netherlands Nightlife Amsterdam Brothels

There are alternatives for those who want to experience a place away from the Red Light District, which is the focal point of all Amsterdam visitors. Private houses called Dutch Privéhuis open the doors to those who want to get professional prostitution. It is possible to make an appropriate selection from the menu offered inside by going to the apartments which do not have any sign or sign in these brothels, whose list is usually accessed via internet or ear-to-ear experience.

In the brothels with shower and comfortable facilities in each service room, an average of 55 euro is paid for half an hour service and 80 euro is paid for one hour. When it comes to entertainment in Amsterdam, prostitution and sex, which are very attractive to some, are recommended to clubs and bars for those who say ”no decisive for me”.

In Amsterdam you can watch live sex shows in the cabins.

Amsterdam Night Clubs

The entrances are usually toll (including a drink) and the amsterdam nightlife that works with the reservation system says hello to those who just dance with the purpose of all kinds of nightclubs music. Amsterdam's best nightclubs include Paradiso, Jimmy Woo, Escape, Trouw, Melkweg, as well as many bars and nightclubs to welcome visitors of all times of the year.

one. Paradiso
In Amsterdam, where entertainment is often located around Leidseplein Square, also known as a tourist square, Paradiso is a nightclub that attracts attention with its famous singers and dj performances.

Being an old church, Paradiso offers an amazing environment in terms of acoustics and it is the meeting point of those who love entertainment with special programs at any time of the year and on certain calendars.

2nd. Jimmy Woo
The club, which chooses its visitors with a serious elimination with its two-storey space, is compared with the nightclubs hosting its similar ones in the United States. The nightclub, which is preferred by famous singers to give concerts from time to time, is among the first in the agenda of Erasmus students.

Seducing people with space design that forces them to dance more, Jimmy Woo can push a bit with its well-dressed and distinctive structure.

3. Escape
Escape, which is one of the most popular entertainment venues not only in Amsterdam but also in the Netherlands and Benelux countries, has an important awareness among the people of the region rather than tourists. While electro, house and techno music come to life with famous DJs, the atmosphere is full of people who want to leave themselves to music.

4. Trouw
In an industrial area in East Amsterdam, based on the old printing facilities of the Netherlands's largest newspapers, Het Parool, NRC and Trouw, Trouw is the address for those looking for a different experience. Amsterdam is a 20-minute tram ride away and there is also a restaurant in the center. This place has been closed since January 4, 2015. It has written the name of Amsterdam night life in gold letters.

5. Melkweg
Melkweg, which means Dutch Milky Way, consists of a cultural structure intertwined in an old dairy factory building. The building, which includes theaters, movie theaters and cafes, is ideal for live music performances. It is mostly preferred for live stage shows.

Amsterdam Nightlife Street Shows
As in all over the world, street entertainment is one of the most important parts of daily life in Amsterdam. Squares like Leidsplein, Dam, Rembrandplein attract almost every hour. Those who want to exhibit their skills on the streets are surrounded by those who do a drink while demonstrating in these squares or who want to join the fun by leaving the coffeshop.

Amsterdam Coffee Shop
Coffe shops are especially preferred by young people.
Although Amsterdam is very comfortable for tourists, due to strict adherence to security decisions, it may not show the expected comfort effect. Because alcohol consumption is banned on the street in recent years.

Therefore, in order to enjoy the nightlife of Amsterdam, at certain points, especially in the central squares “Stay away from street vendors. I don't know how many tourists died in the hospital. Don't buy cocaine uyarı. Legal marijuana sales coffeeshoplara safe and supervised service, while avoiding street vendors is useful.

One of the Largest Capitals of Electronic Music in the World Amsterdam
Instead of dancing in clubs, the types that keep the tempo with the foot in your hand barely breaks your heart and if you miss the places where everyone dances freely, without a football, without a cross, in Amsterdam oh be! You say. In fact, they even put nightclubs out of town so that people could comfortably shed their wolves. A must for Amsterdam Nightlife; The Dutch are really good at partying, and they show this to the world with maybe 30 electronic music festivals throughout the year.

World-renowned Dutch DJs

It is no coincidence that many of the world's most famous DJs are Dutch: Tiesto, Afrojack, Martin Garrix, Armin Van Buuren, Fedde Le Grand, Hardwell and at least five other world-famous DJs. Parties and DJ performances that last until the morning. Unlike in Berlin, there are usually more mainstream night clubs in Amsterdam. So when you go to Berlin, you can put all of your tears behind your tears in your suitcase, but in general, people prefer sports-chic clothes. Even though it is fashionable from torn jeans, it doesn't take off in Amsterdam bars.

Legal Aspects
We must admit that; Although it is not directly related to nightlife, there are also the Red Light District where prostitution is legal and coffee shops where cannabis is legal. We shouldn't forget the places that sell magic mushrooms. We don't have to tell you there's an age limit of 18?

Famous City with Beers
Heineken is known as the hometown of the brand, and is one of the world's beer centers such as Holland, Belgium and Germany. It is an ideal city to taste various beers. There are many other beer brands such as Amstel, Grolsch, Dommelsch, Brouwerij ‘t IJ and La Trappe, made by monastery monks. For all of them, we wouldn't lie to say the same price with water. ? By the way, we said beer, but Amsterdam's cocktail bars are also famous!

Amsterdam City Festivals

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Amsterdam Pride, where the canals turn into rainbow colors, and King’s Day (Koningsdag) are the most colorful city festivals in honor of April 27, King Willem-Alexander's birthday. Former name was Queen’s Day. At King's Day, which is also a national holiday, the whole city turns orange in the Netherlands and is partyed all over the city until the evening of the following day.

Electronic Music Festivals

Neonspash Festival. Photo: wikipedia

If you like electronic music festivals, there are plenty of festivals from the beginning of the summer to the end. Nassau, Thuishaven, DSM Vrijhaven King’s Day, VOLTT Koningsdag, Bakermat & Friends, Oranjebloesem, Loveland van Oranje, Kroongetuige Kingsday 8 festivals take place on the same day. One of the most important electronic music festivals is Amsterdam Dance Event, which takes place in many clubs of the city. There are festivals during the winter months, just less often. The most entertaining festival in winter is the biggest paint festival in the country, Neonsplash. The most famous festivals in the country are Pink Pop and Lowlands. cunt


The most popular nightclubs in Paradiso, Melkweg, Sugarfactory, Panama Club, Canvas, Jimmy Woo, AIR, Pacific Parc, De School, Studio80, Escape, Chicago Social Club, Bitterzoet. Below are some of the most popular nightlife in Amsterdam.

Paradiso ☆

This old church building is now one of the most popular alternative music scene and nightclubs. Even one of the 2 stars of Amsterdam nightlife. In fact, it wasn't the first time for such a purpose, it opened its doors in 1968 as a place where artists could collectively create creative works called mic Cosmic Relaxation Center Paradiso ”. But in time, it became a concert venue where local and international groups took the stage. Since the place is an old church of 1500 people, you can guess that the acoustics are perfect.

Address: Weteringschans 6-8 1017 SG Amsterdam Tel: 31 20 626 8790 Website: Click here for the location of the property.

Melkweg ☆

Melkweg (Milky Way) is the other star of Amsterdam nightlife. It is thought to be both a music / entertainment venue and a cultural center. Our İKSV style is managed by a non-profit organization. A place to transform from an old dairy factory. The four halls function as a stage, a cinema, an exhibition space and a restaurant with different musical concerts.

Address: Lijnbaansgracht 234A, 1017 PH Phone: 31 20 531 8181 Website: Click here for the location.



Even though it is a bit shaded by Paradiso and Melkweg, Sugarfactory is also one of Amsterdam's nightlife. The venue, which combines nightlife with performance and art, does not host international artists like the other two, but also includes performances by neighboring countries and local talents. There are also dj parties on Mondays, Thursdays and Sundays, and different music genres from techno to jazz.

Address: Lijnbaansgracht 238, 1017 PH Phone: 31 20 627 0008 Website: Click here for the location.

Panama Club

This is a gigantic night club with high quality sound system, house & techno performances of world-famous DJs with a capacity of more than 1000 people. The building is one of the historical and nostalgic warehouse buildings in Amsterdam limans harbor area.

Address: Oostelijke Handelskade 4, 1019 BM Phone: +31 20 311 8686 Website: Click here for the location.

Canvas to

Let's get you into Canvas for a more classy party. An old newspaper building which is now a hotel 7. Canvas is a rooftop bar with 360-degree city views. After 23.00, the tables go up and take their place in the dj cabin.

Address: Wibautstraat 150, 1091 GR Phone: 31 20 261 2110 Website: Click here for the location.

AIR Amsterdam

Address: Amstelstraat 16, 1017 DA Tel: 31 20 820 0670 Website: Click here for the location.

One of the most popular venues in the city's electronic music scene. High quality sound system, 1300 capacity, 5 bars, room and room split night club to get drinks from the bar Air Card system is used. There are also lockers inside for those who want to have more fun and have more fun.

Jimmy Woo


The night club, which attracts attention with its bright shining ceiling, is a place of celebrity's hangout. The upper floor is an Asian-style lounge bar and the lower floor is a dance floor. But entering this club is not as easy as other places. There is a strict door policy.
Address: Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 18 1017 RC Tel: 31 20 626 3150 Website: Click here for the location.

Pacific Parc

If you don't like dancing and have a drink on the corner of the bar, don't even go near the Pacific Parc. Because this is the most rock & roll place in Amsterdam. In the place where you can spend time during the day and have something to eat, tables are set aside on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays, and rock or n ’roll starts with live music.

Address: Polonceaukade 23, 1014 DA Tel: 31 20 488 7778 Web Site:

Closing Hours
Restaurants are open until 01.00.
Amsterdam nightclubs are closed at 03.00 on weekdays and 04.00 at weekends.
Those who do not get the speed can continue to have fun in places known as night cafes. They also close at 04.00 on weekdays and 05.00 at weekends.

Entrance fee
It ranges from 5 to 20 euros. They can ask for more for live DJ performances, so if you can find tickets at the gate, these types of tickets run out from the front. Especially if you want to watch a DJ at Melkweg and Paradiso, you need to buy your tickets early. Some clubs may also require a membership fee of 4 euros upon entry. Membership is one month, so when you go back in the same, you only pay for the event ticket.

What where?
Rembrandtplein and Leidseplein are the most central places of nightlife in Amsterdam. It mostly consists of places where students hang out. Especially in Leidseplein there are Irish pubs and music venues.

We want you to capture the atmosphere and the party at King’s Day ? April 27th.

Since the winter and autumn are very cold in Amsterdam, the best time is April – October.

Inner City: Since the city is small, cycling is the most practical option but not very convenient for nightlife. The bicycles also don’t drink & drive though. ? Amsterdam has a developed tram network but doesn't work after midnight. It has night buses outside. Getting the Amsterdam Card is wise for public transport.

International: THY, Pegasus, Onur Air, Atlas Global and KLM have non-stop flights within 3.5 hours.

$ – 100 Euro (Accommodation (22-35 Euro): Guest House / Hostel, Food: super market or street delicacies (15 Euro), Transportation: public transport (6-7 Euro), Entertainment: Museum or event (11-17) Euro))

$$ – 100-200 Euro (Accommodation: at the hotel (125 Euro), Food: in restaurants (30 Euro), Transportation: guided tour (10-15 Euro), Arts and Entertainment: show or concert (40 Euro)

$$$ – Over 200 Euro (Accommodation: 4 Star Hotel (230 Euro), Food: Fine Dining in restaurants (50 Euro), Transportation: Taxi (20 Euro), Entertainment: Channel tour or Cabaret / Shows 50-90 Euro)

What else to do in Amsterdam?

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At VondelPark you can relieve the tiredness of the previous night, go for a bike ride to the less touristy areas of Amsterdam. The most important museum is the Rijksmuseum but if you are interested in more modern art Van Gogh and Stedelijk. You can try hanging out Anne Frank Huis with a coffee at the cafes in the area, but there will probably be a large majority of the coffeeshops who say the fish goes to the side. Our Amsterdam guide is available for those who want to learn more about things to do in Amsterdam. In addition, if you want to spend 2 full days in Amsterdam, we are not at home.


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