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A complete guide to Barcelona's nightlife, district guiding to the best bars and venues, the most lively nightclubs, and some activities not to be missed if you're a new city. – VIP night tour and hedonistic boat parties.

It may be the London scene or the lack of the most advanced variety of experimental Berlin nightlife, but Barcelona certainly thinks that the awesome party punch packs are just Spain's second largest city. And with the hippies you can find out whether or not you can fly high, with the sun set, glitterati. In fact, if you want to keep up with the natives, you're ready to see the sun again and again.

A metropolitan city close to two million (five if you get into the entire urban area) is not an area to sample Barcelona's nightlife, but there are many neighborhoods to check out. Read along with the best barrios of going out and the general vibe for the best places in each region sonunda at the end of the article you will have all the information you need to start your own night adventures!

Barcelona nightlife

Outside, District by District
Below you will find tips on the best places to get out in one of Barcelona's main districts. This allows you to find the best bars and bars in the barrio if you find yourself in the city.

Las ramblas
A natural starting point for newcomers is Las Ramblas and of course – on both sides – the narrow streets of the Medieval Old Town. Las Ramblas, the busiest street in Barcelona, intensifies during the night, especially in the early hours of the evening, when street artists are still trading and encountering sidewalks where local people and tourists go out for drinks and dinner.


Restaurants, tapas and other treats are currently being dumped along with the customers who consume them (although if you find better quality in a cheaper place! Check out our eating section for recommendations), and there are also many bars and clubs.

The Boadas cocktail bar, Kiosk La Cazalla and Boulevard Club are better known. The simple and handsome Wild Rover Irish Pub at the bottom of the boulevard is always the perfect choice for a mint of black. For something a little more sophisticated at Le Pop Cocktail Bar (Le Meridien Hotel lounge), you will have a Catalan Bellini signature with one of the best bartenders in town.

Gothic Quarter
Overall, Las Ramblas (above) is a crossing point for greener nightlife pastures, and you should negotiate the maze streets of the Gothic Quarter for more authentic local attractions. Here you will find a great cocktail menu and scores of tiny little spots hidden in dark corners like the stylish Milk Bar; There is also a handsome selection of Irish and English bars, such as friendly and flirting Flaherty ,s, you can chat with some friends (for example, to chat). Take a look at Beer Pong tournaments on Thursdays or Ladies Night on Fridays.

With its famous clubs like Plaza Real (Royal Square), Jamboree, Sidecar and Tarantos, this forest is a great place to give plenty of space to the backpacking crowd gathered here. The latter actually welcomes the flamenco portion of this high-grade Tapas and Flamenco Night.

The flamenco show can be a fun way to go out at night.

El Born
For a slightly more sophisticated slice of Barcelona's nightlife, the equally beautiful, but slightly less touristy, El Born is also very central, and here you will find sloping nightowls, trapped in all directions, especially in the heart of the neighborhoods. Passeig del Born. Check out Miramelindo for a Javanese cocktail, or take a stroll through the back alleys to find hidden hot spots and strange and wonderful surprises like Cat Bar.

If you can't identify with Born (see?), Editor Raval is the other side of the Ramblas where street kids play cricket or football, and usually the Bohemian chili are rebelling because they descend their side cutters and order another chupito or two.

Barcelona nightlife The heart of the region is the Rambla de Raval, where bars such as Ambar are sprinkled with kebab joints. More glam crowd, you can order home specialties like 'Pornstar Martini' by gathering in cocktail bars like Marmalade. Some club flirting before.

Meanwhile, in the area surrounding the MACBA museum, the rules of skate fashions are sublime. Pierced and tattooed kids, then tricked their boards before heading to the Nou de la Rambla, where legendary clubs like Les Enfants (kitsch Spanish disco!), Moog (famous for technology / minimal DJs) and Sala Apolo practice points. Excellent midday parties known as bad mondays.

For something more relaxed, stop by the simple Shenanigans Irish Pub for a pint. Live music every Friday and Saturday night and always a pleasant atmosphere.

If you're hanging out in this authentic place at night and if it makes a sound like a cup of tea, we recommend you to take a look at the all-new 'Hipster's Bar Crawl' where you'll find a long way to show how a real night passes. In Barna… among other wonderful places, it stands by one of the oldest watering holes for a glass of green curtains of the city (visa). absinthe!). The same place in Vicky Cristina Barcelona.


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Great Things to Do

Eixample Barcelona nightlife
If the Gothic Quarter, Born and Raval, form the Old Town of Barcelona, 80% of the rest of the city is L'Eixample, which means “Annex.. This large, grid-patterned part of the Catalan capital rose during the industrial revolution in the beautiful Modernista architectural style and was largely inhabited… but that doesn't mean there is nothing! Finding a good bar in L'Eixample gives you more information about information than luck, because of its large size, but there's a hit list to get you started:

No more central than Belushi's Bar, the perfect place to start the night before heading to Placa Catalunya (central square of the city) and the nightclub. Be prepared for a young international party crowd and dangerous beverage introductions.


In the meantime, we meet at the CocoVail Beer Hall, which is a bit older and more mature (and somewhat). Some 20 and 30 share solid common tables and order one (or dozens) of 24 craft beers. Another great place to warm up for the night.

In general, the closer you get to Diagonal, the more fluid and more complex you will get. For cocktails with a good-looking local meeting, head to Slow Barcelona (there is also a suave club upstairs), where you can pick up some of the city's best gin or vodka tonics and browse live concerts on weekends. In this part of the city is paying money to dress a little curious.

Around the Arc de Triomf area, just a few blocks from the Parc de la Ciutadella, a few new hotspots are opening up, making the one-time social deadzone an increasingly cool place to hang out on a quiet night. Such a venue in Firebug, a trendy bar / restaurant with great food, vermouths and a very attractive brunch menu.

Finally, some of the Eixample around Casanova street is called Gayxample, and you don't have to be a genius to understand why. There are quaint discos such as the Metro or Arena, as well as stylish bars, restaurants and saunas in abundance.

Similarly, an alternative to Raval prevails in the Gracia region, but is more locally dominant than the “Ravalistan, adı where immigrants live. Here in Gracia you will find numerous Catalan neighborhoods that infiltrate charisma and enthusiastic artists.


There are not many tourists on the road to Parc Guell. Barri has many fine bars, such as the excellent La Cigale and La Fourmi, which appeal to more Bohemian residents. Alternatively, if it's been a hot day and you're upset, you can hang out with a tin on a square like Gracia's Plaça del Sol. It's illegal, but half of Barcelona will be doing the same thing.

Poble Sec
Barcelona nightlife Shhh, be quiet, but these days the unpopular Poble Sec district (“Dry City”) is considered a pretty pleasant barrio, attracting a handful of drinks like Maumau Underground and Rouge Bar. Carrer Blai is the town center for general boozing and carousing, and these days it is popular to stroll along the street to many bars and terraces of a pintxos (Basque style tapas).

Port olimpic
Do your best rags for a more luxurious experience and fill a taxi to Port Olimpic. This is the place to be in the summer! Here, a series of upmarket lounge bars such as CDLC, Shoko and Bestial have a well-gathered cosmopolitan crowd to sip cocktails on the beach terraces before everyone gets in and gets dirty on the dance floor.

Most of these places unfortunately close at 3am, but the famous Opium and Pacha and Catwalk continue until 6pm – this Opium claims to be the best club in the city. (Check our page to make sure you've entered one of these places. Club guest lists in Barcelona. Tip: This VIP Club Card can be your best friend!).

To start any night at Port Olimpic, we recommend that you start in a memorable way, leaving the Ice Bar to take a dip in cell zero. Everything was frozen and even the cups made of ice. Finally, all the luxurious lounge clubs are the Moll Mestral in the harbor itself.

It's not sophisticated… free entry bars and clubs surround everything from sals to techno… but there is at least one call center in the middle of this impure lane: Kennedy's Irish Bar has live music on Thursday Sunday and is open. until 5 o'clock on weekends.

Get in the boat!
The Olympic Port also leaves several times a week during the summer in the epic Barcelona boat party aka booze cruise … a must if you are serious about having fun. DJs, barbecues, beers, babies in bikinis, jumping off the boat and many more shenanigans. After leaving the organizers with free club entry.

barcelona nightlife and party
Don't miss the boat parties! There are three to choose from.

Life is a beach
El Boo is a haven for hippies and high rollers: a cocktail bar on the rooftop and a sun-kissed terrace and a palace on the pier and Spanish celebrities to sip the mojitos.

Unfortunately, if your zapatos are unlikely to cross the gates of such empty spaces on the sea front, you may be lucky enough to find a beach party in one of the chiringuitos (beach bars), or perhaps just play a guitar on the beach and do something quite illegal. join non-layabouts (there is plenty in Barcelona!).

More Clubs … Great Hitters!
Already exhausted? There is more nightlife to come! If you think Port Olimpic is luxurious (and you like it!) Then take a real Catalan crowd around the Diagonal in high-end venues like Sutton Club.

Here, the girls dress like movie stars and the kids look like a catalog cut. A bit more democratic is Otto Zutz, a great arena of nocturnal mischief. And if you're serious about your dance music, then you can try Sala Becool (minimal / electro / tech house) and, of course, the legendary outdoor nightclub in Poble Espanyol – La Terrrazza (Balearic house). Perhaps the best club for a guaranteed good time is the mammoth Sala Razzmatazz with five rooms, playing everything from serious beeps and hooligans (The Loft) to cheese rock and pop (four other rooms!).

True, you might think that Barcelona is officially informed on the nightlife scene. There are photos, reviews and maps of all the best places, full entries to the bars and nightclubs in town for places to drink, check out our section, and some great restaurant recommendations to start our meal night out.

Remember Barcelona parties all night, so get a siesta before you go!

For more information on exactly where and when you will be in contact with our Barcelona weekly party calendar, we will provide you with the best advice on drinks and boogie from Monday to Sunday.

Tours & Schedules
When in Barcelona you don't have to get lonely, because there are some fun tours and pub trips. You can join places where you're guaranteed to meet some fun people, and take a look at nice places you'll never find. .

VIP Nightlife Tour
Book an incredible nightlife tour of Barcelona, which will take you to a lot of hip events before VIP entry to the exclusive Opium Beach Club, and then take a look at the Barcelona Party Tour. As an official partner of Barcelona Life, the teams organize great parties every Friday and Saturday night during the long summer season. Only 44.95 € transfer, free drinks and VIP access to Opium … we will only email info@barcelona-life.com with the date and number of people and tell you to reserve a place!

nightlife in barcelona spain
Take a VIP tour of the night scene. You can book here.

Barcelona Pub Crawl
If all these dressing, smiley and posing sounds are a bit too cool for you, then why not drink beer during this wild pub crawl. Normally € 29.99 is only € 19.99 when you book online and at the end of the night gives you plenty of free drinks, expert guide and club entrance. This experience is not for wimps but for the course with body shots, drink games and revelri made during the night.

barcelona pub crawling fun
Vodka superheroes are part of the fun…

Hipster Bar Browsing
You think you're a little cool for school? Then why are you running around the fun and friendly folk at Tapas & Beers for this ultra-hip and alternative bar screening? If you want to discover the local drink of the authentic Raval region rather than the typical tourist traps in the Gothic Quarter, this experience is for you. It takes place every Friday night with up to 15 people, so be sure to register quickly!

Discover true nightlife in an 'innovative' bar scan…

Clothing and Prices
We don't want to leave without giving you advice on what to wear… well if you're walking around Barcelona, ​​especially downtown, Raval or Gracia and / or finishing the night in Apolo or Razzmatazz. You'il fit in.

However, the places around the Port Olimpic strip and Zona Alta will have to wear something fancy to follow the dress code. Overall, even here, it is quite comfortable compared to some major European cities like London or Paris. But if you're a big, noisy group, we definitely recommend being a smart and well-dressed, big and noisy group of guys. Smart shoes are a good idea and don't compromise your chances of catching one. however, if the overall look is stylish, it is an absolute necessity. However, it is better to play safer than risking a better night.

While the price-out prices in the club bar are usually between € 10 and € 20 a night and traditionally include a free drink, don't throw your ticket after splitting the bouncer in half so you won't have to shell out more than € 3 for a bottle of beer in the average bar. the other half will bring you a gin and tonic! In your club, you expect to pay 5-10 euros for a beer and 10 euros for a mixed drink or cocktail.

Things to Do…
We've had a lot of nightlife in Barcelona than just partying, so in the evening, check out the full list of things to do from live music on the rooftops of Gaudi's best mansions to paddle surfing gece

Next day…
If you feel a bit fragile, don't be afraid the next morning… it's just an excuse to visit one of Barcelona's best brunch spots. There are some informal contests about who he shares with the best eggs, bacon and pancakes in the city, and of course we have published some of our favorite places.

We just need to follow the link above. By the way, if your brain is still working, why enter the entertaining escape room from the Party and try to escape the crime scene before the police give a heavy fine!

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