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Number of persons: 6-8

Preparation: 10min

Cooking: 5min

Malzemeler4 pieces for zucchini muffins recipe for half a bunch of fresh Onions Half a bunch of Dotuyam bunch maydanoz2 pieces eggs 4 coffee cups un3 tablespoon curd Cheese Nanekarabiberpulbibertuzzucchini Mücver recipe Made All Our materials are ready Let's grate our gourts and cut our other materials. Then combine our eggs, flour, salt and pepper and mix them thoroughly. Let's take 1 spoon and fry it in hot oil. We'll transfer the towel to the napkin and put the excess oil in our hands on the presentation plate. Enjoy it.
Let's serve with garlic yogurt.
You can increase the amount of flour and bake the oven.

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Categories: Roast Recipes
Tags: dill, pumpkin, curd, parsley, highlights, cheese, fresh onions, flour, eggs

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