When I searched about the Moroccan adventures on the Internet, I came across fantastic comments about Moroccan night-life Arab girls with big eyes. May Allah not abstain.

Is there nightlife in Morocco? Has.  Casino, disco, bar, head-making items, musical places, gutter flowing tourists and serious tourism income in every country has the best nightlife.




Marrakech nightlife

Forming a connection between the Atlantic and Morocco, Marrakech is the first capital of Morocco. Marrakech, which contributes greatly to the economic development of the country, has a different reputation with its nightlife among other African cities.

Marrakech nightlife


How to get to Marrakech?

With SunExpress you can reach Marrakech in Morocco by air. Morocco, which does not require a visa from our country, opens its door to the passport holders valid for 6 months.

A Different World in Night Clubs

In Marrakech, which has an inexpensive life in general, the situation is literally reversing at night. Almost every night in the club needs an entrance fee. The entrance fee to nightclubs, which are around 15 to 20 dollars, varies from place to place. All nightclubs welcomes guests in a quite luxurious environment. Marrakech's humble life during the day turns into a luxurious garden at night.

Most nightclubs in Marrakech dominate belly dance performances. It is possible to realize the quality of your entertainment life when you first enter the nightclubs. Marrakech's best night clubs are located in the Gueliz district. The gathering of all 5-star hotels in this area prepares the stage for the nightclubs with incredible views on the upper floors of the hotels. A night on the roofs of 5-star hotels in Marrakech will create unforgettable moments for you. It is also possible to find bars and nightclubs outside the hotels. Especially the entertainment places listed on 5.Muhammed Street come to mind when you talk about Marrakech nightlife. No dress code is required to enter nightclubs. People of all audiences can be anywhere in Marrakech nightlife and enjoy the night.

There is one more detail that should not be missed when it comes to Marrakech nightlife. He is also a challenge artists. Jeema el Fna square is the gathering place of all street artists and people. During the night, all kinds of music can witness the different shows in the square excites the public. The square, which is full of tourists, promises entertainment until late at night. There is also a small mass in this square that is constantly asking for money. It's good to be careful all night.

Marrakech is one of the most famous tourist destinations and special festivals are organized in many periods of the year. Bringing the journey of Marrakech to these periods can bring a different dimension to the entertainment life.

List of festivals held in Marrakech:

4L Trophy Sports Festival (February)

Arts in Marrkesh International Biennale (November)

Fes Festival of World Sacred Music (June)

Frendship Festival (May)

Traditional Imilchil Festival (May)

Sand Marathon (April)

Marrakech International Film Festival (December)

Marrakech Marathon (January)

Friendship and Friendship Festival (May)

Marrakech International Magic Festival (March)

International Salsa Festival (October)

In addition to these festivals, music festivals are also organized in many periods of the year. Entertainment
Considering that life is the most important feature of the city, thought can be developed about the entertainment levels of festivals.

Important Information About Marrakech

In the city where security problems do not occur to a high degree, there are no major problems except small scale grabber events. To reduce this problem, it may be preferable not to carry cash. ATMs located in almost every part of the city can solve your cash problem at any time.

Casablanca – History and culture


Casablanca is famous for its film

We are in Casablanca, famous for its Rick’s Cafe in the 1942 film Casablanca! Rick’s Cafe has lost nothing of its authenticity. The bar and piano used in the film are still in the same place and still play the same music. So this is your first stop in Casablanca!

Hassan II Mosque, Corniche (this place is likened to Kordon of Izmir and many café restaurants), Ancienne Medina (Old Market), Quartier Habous (New Bazaar), Mohammed V Boulevard, Anfa Region, Morocco Mall (this mall In fact, our shopping malls are also much more beautiful aslında

Place des Nations Unies, the most luxurious district of the city, including the Hyatt Regency Hotel, the city's largest park, Parc de La Ligue Arabe, the Church of Notre Dame de Lourdes, the Cathedral of Casablanca (Cathedrale Sacré-Coeur), and many beaches side by side Places to see in Miami Beach olan

What to eat in Casablanca

Moroccan Cuisine is very similar to Turkish cuisine in general. Couscous, bstilla (pigeon meat pastry), harira (vegetable soup) are among the main important dishes of Casablanca. The most famous dish is the ‘Tajin Tag (Tagine), which is reminiscent of the Turkish cuisine. Tajin is actually the name given to the dish which is similar to the moth but it is named because the food such as meat, chicken, fish is cooked with various vegetables in this container.

Rick's Cafe is really excellent with both food and service, La Cabestan and La Fibule with terrific views, La Basmane for traditional Moroccan dishes, Restaurant La Bavaroise, Le Rouget de l'Isle and Le Relais de Paris with a very nice garden serving French flavors The best tajini is the famous restaurant Al-Mounia.

Casablanca nightlife

There is not much nightlife in Casablanca. But after eating at the famous Rick’s Cafe, La Cabestan might be the place to recommend it as a nightclub. You will be interested in both its music and its ambience. This is a photo I took from there. The views are wonderful.

Kenzi Tower Hotel’s panoramic bar, Sky 28, also offers great views. All of Casablanca is at your feet. But if there's no DJ, there's not much fun. I can also recommend Squat Club, Black House Disco within the Hyatt Regency, Caesar’s Night Club within the Sheraton and Le Carre Rouge Club as a night club.

General Information About Morocco

The name of the country in its own language means yer the most western place ”.  It is located in the most northwest of Africa. The city of Casablanca, which is the subject of memorable films, is located in Morocco. This city also attracts attention with its modern structure. The Sahara Desert is one of the most important places to visit.

Rabat, a tourist city, is the capital of the country.

The majority of the country's population consists of Arabs and Berbers.

Although the official languages are Arabic, French is used in government offices.

The currency is Moroccan dirham.

According to the local time clock is Turkey back further 2 hours.

Visits to Morocco, which do not exceed 90 days, do not require a visa.

Flag of Morocco

General Information About Morocco


Morocco Location / Location

Located in North Africa. It borders Algeria in the east, Spain in the north, Mauritania in the south. To the west is the Atlantic Ocean.

Required Documents for Moroccan Visa and How to Obtain?

Morocco, a country that visas for citizens of the Republic of Turkey. It is enough to take and fill in the embarkment cards distributed in the aircraft and present them to the officers when they pass the passport control. You fill these cards both at the entrance and at the exit.

Most Visited Cities in Morocco

Marrakech, Rabat, Casablanca

Morocco Climate / Weather

Different climates prevail in the country. While the Mediterranean climate prevails in the north and in the mountainous regions, the effect of the desert climate is seen as we move towards the inner parts.

When to Visit Fasa

March, April, May and September are the best times to go in the spring.

Moroccan Country Cuisine / What to Eat or Drink

Meat is used in almost every meal in Moroccan cuisine. They also serve seafood. Couscous, Pastilla, Harira, Kaliya are known flavors of the country. The most consumed drinks are tea and coffee.

Attention to Turkish Citizens to Travel to Morocco

Turkish citizens are exempt from visa for their stay of up to 90 days in Morocco if they hold a valid passport for 6 months from the date of entry. It is important that the forms given at the entrance and exit of the country are filled in correctly and completely. It is forbidden to insert or leave 100,000 Dirhams (approx. EUR 9,000) and above in foreign currency in Morocco. There are mutual flights between Istanbul and Casablanca every day of the week.


Morocco, the third North African country after Tunisia and Algeria, is the only country in Africa that is not a member of the African Union. Although it is difficult to believe that it is 13 km away from Europe, it is one of the rare countries in the world in terms of location. When we say Morocco, the name goes again a strange thing. Because Morocco is just us in Morocco, everyone in Morocco and its variant (at least the names that evoke it). Why do we always run downhill, we learn that the Ottoman Empire was called Morocco because of the fact that "fez" came from this country in time. Convinced. What is the story of Egypt? (^ +% &)

Is Morocco Safe?

In this semi-Mediterranean country, where the Berberis, the oldest known people of North Africa, have their roots, the security problem sometimes prevents the mystical atmosphere of the country. That was the first and common question of everyone we said we were going to Morocco. “Are you going to go alone with Merve, or are it safe to go to Morocco? Kız

After a little research, we found that there are some rules you have to follow to stay safe in Morocco. For example, you should not wear a mini skirt and walk around the old city center, which is called “medina inde in all of its cities. It is hard to find an alcoholic environment, but if you are not an alcoholic, you should not choose even if you find alcohol on the menu. You should not get too close to people who try to help you, get directions, ask for or sell things, and stay away. You shouldn't ask the young men for directions, addresses. If you have the option of traveling with an Arabic-speaking guide, you should consider it immediately. Here, you will not suffer if you follow the unwritten rules like this.

During our 6-day holiday in Morocco, we did not encounter any incidents such as theft, side incontinence or harassment. On the first day, we went on our own trips and pressed our backpacks, but soon we realized that this was an unnecessary movement. Only once did I say French in Essaouira because of my over-breasted dress, but isn't that something that could happen anywhere?

What language is spoken in Morocco?

After many civilizations such as the Romans and the Arabs, Morocco finally gained its independence in 1957 when the French ruled. So many civilizations have been home to so many ruins, especially in their language. The mother tongue is Arabic, the Arabic language spoken by the public ’or Darija. They speak French, English and Spanish.

Entertainment and nightlife in Morocco 

There is no advertising of alcohol in Morocco. You don't come across the local people drinking alcohol. But it is legal to sell alcohol to foreigners. However, if you search for a lot in the bars of some luxury hotels, you can find them on the black market. We read that there are entertainment venues along the coastline that we have turned into as La Corniche in Casablanca, but we did not find any information about other cities. Obviously we did not go into a very special research because we are not in the hands-on mode when we go to Morocco. Dressed in mini skirts in Marrakech, high-heeled shoes and nice make-up in the steps of the Jamaa El-Fna square, almost caught the attention of girls, but "Where are you going, sister?" We did not have to say, to follow them ..

Moroccan Currency

In short, we call it DH or MAD. In Morocco, along with Dirhem, in some places, especially in the more populous cities such as Marrakech and Casablanca, some places pass Euros or credit cards. Generally, the streets are filled with ATMs or exchange offices. However, if you plan to travel to smaller villages or even use the highway, you should definitely take cash with you before you go, or you'll stay on the road and you'll be hungry. By the way, don't forget to count when you get over the money.

Dry Moroccan Dirham

1 How many Turkish Liras does the Moroccan Dirham?

How many Turkish Liras is 1 Moroccan Dirham? You can learn it.

Moroccan Dirham (MAD) and Turkish Lira (TL) exchange rate

In addition via © the opposite of the above exchange rate; ie 1 Turkish Lira how many Moroccan Dirham? You can also learn it.
Exchange Rates are updated every minute. The most up-to-date currency translations in the market are available through

Moroccan Currency

 1 Moroccan Dirham (1 MAD = 0.54 TL)
0.54TLTurkish Lira

Spending money in Morocco

You spend money on almost everything in Morocco. You asked someone for directions, he wants money. Someone came to you unintentionally, he wanted to guide you, you say no, he doesn't go after you for a few minutes and he asks for money. You caught an interesting frame (it doesn't matter what) and you took a photo, someone hoped to come up and ask for money. You want to park on the curb on an empty street, a passerby asks you for money as you remove a badge and put it on your chest. It's really interesting. So it's best to carry a coin with you and give it away without much controversy. Or you'il be bored.

Transportation in Morocco

You can travel between cities by CMT buses or ONCF trains. Seats on trains are not numbered like buses. You're sitting in the empty seat you found. You can easily get your train tickets from the stations, but you need to book your bus tickets in advance or get your tickets in advance from the ticket sales office.

Especially if you don't buy your tickets from Chefchauene (Şafşavan) to Fez in advance, you may have trouble. Because there is no train line to Shafshavan, you can only get there by bus from Tangier. The bus station is 1 km from the city. Marrakech and Fez train stations are about 3 km away from the city center. Casablanca bus station and train station are in the heart of the city.

Bargaining throughout the country is very common and natural. Taxis do not open taximeters, you have to tell your destination and negotiate. There are yellow taxis in Marrakech, petit taxis in Casablanca and Fes and blue taxis in Essaouira.

Renting a car in Morocco is a very comfortable alternative. We rented a car from Casablanca and visited cities such as Fez, Marrakech and Essouira. The possibility that the signs could have been written in Arabic before we left made us think quite a bit, but thanks to the Latin letters, they made their motorways very easy to travel without the need for GPS. The only problem is that the highways are expensive. Apart from this, you do not have any problems while driving while you are driving, except for the city center.

When to go to Morocco?

Morocco has a geography surrounded by Atlas mountains on one side, desert on one side and Atlantic Ocean on one side. There are four seasons in our country as in our country. In the north of the country, the Mediterranean climate, the desert climate is seen as you move towards the interior. Spring is the ideal time to visit Morocco as a tourist attraction. Especially in April-May, the weather is not overwhelming and there is little chance of rain. We had our Morocco tour in November and the weather was 25-26 degrees. The places that took the sun were incredibly hot, but the shade parts and stone interiors were incredibly cold. Unfortunately, we returned with a cold at the end of the trip because we believed in the weather and were a little thin dressing. So even if the weather is hot, do not forget to bring a shawl or cardigan.

Morocco must-see cities:

Marrakech: It is actually a city that you can finish in one day but we recommend you to enjoy it for 2 days. If you have time then definitely take a 3-day Merzouga desert tour. Watch out here !!!! The tour you must attend must be Merzouga. If you join the Zagora desert tour to get close, you won't have a desert adventure.

Fez: They told us that after Marrakech, this place won't get much attention, but we experienced the opposite. Fez Marrakech came to us, certainly more authentic, more natural, more untouched, more colorful and amazing. That's why we felt very unhappy about what we left behind when we left Fez, which we had limited to one day when we were making a Moroccan plan. We recommend that you spend at least 2 days here!

Şafşavan / Chefcahouen: You can plan a day trip from Tangier and one night from Fez, Meknes or Rabat. We were planning a day trip to Fez-Shafshavan, but since Fez was above our expectations, we couldn't go to Shafshavan by spending more time here than we had expected. The city trip to Safshavan can actually be completed in 1 day, but the road from Fez was not too close to commute on the same day and the highway is quite expensive.

Casablanca: Only places you need to go on day trips. The most important structure of the city is the famous Hassan II mosque, which has the longest minaret in the world. Since Casablanca flights are more affordable, you can plan your flight to this city and take a photo of the mosque on the way.

Tangiers: A port city located in the north of Morocco. From here you can take the Bosphorus Strait by ferry to Algaciras, Spain.

Rabat: Capital. It is the cleanest and livable one compared to other cities of Morocco. It looks like a village in France, but is a nice choice for those looking for city life compared to other cities.

Essaouira: This city, which we planned as a daily city, was definitely a place to spend 3 months. It has a very different aura, a very different style. A little hippie, a little modern, a little fishing town, a little Marmaris, a little Spain. A place where you can have an artist head. I think if we say Jimi Hendix lived here, we might have given him some hints. This is the only place we've seen a drunk Moroccan on the street during our 6 days in Morocco. We liked it very much, but we don't know if it appeals to your taste.

Technology and Internet in Morocco:

Firstly the sockets are the same as ours. So you don't have to charge the electronics. There is no need to buy a converter before traveling.

In Morocco you can obtain a free sim card at airports. There is very little internet in it, but you can purchase the internet package separately. We have received 50 GB of Moroccan Dirham, ie 27 rubles giving 6 GB internet and even increased at enough ..


What to buy from Morocco?

Leather, argan oil and products, wooden decorative items or pots, tea, spices in almost all cities, in the heart of the old city of Medina souvenir shops are the main must-see. Whatever you buy, offer 1/3 of the price you are told. A country where you have to negotiate hard. But do not exaggerate and reduce the value of hand-made products.

What to eat in Morocco

In Morocco, everyone shares a large plate in the middle of the table. Of course, in some restaurants they will not refuse you if you want your own special service, but as a general rule people here will share not only the table, but also the plate. Generally, equipment such as forks and knives are not used. You use the most bread for this purpose, but the real eating apparatus is hands. Speaking of hands, right hand. If you are left-handed, you may experience some trouble, because in Morocco the left hand is considered nasty. The Moroccans first take the bread in their right palms and then cut them into small pieces with two fingers. Therefore, it is guaranteed that the left-handers will have difficulty. It is often said that you will not find a typical local and delicious Moroccan dish in restaurants. So if you're staying in a riad, you can choose the restaurants of the riads that offer more local flavor because they cook as if they were at home.

  • Tajin (stew fish, chicken or meat)
  • kuskus
  • Zaalouk (Eggplant salad)
  • Harira (Chickpea, lentil and lamb soup)
  • Bissara (Dry Broad Bean Soup)
  • Shebakia (Sesame, cinnamon, orange, honey dessert)
  • Mint tea

The recommended street delicacies are;

  • Msemmen (Some kind of pancake)
  • Sfinge and Kringo (Donut)
  • Ma’akouda (Spicy fried potato balls)
Why go to Morocco?

Touring the desert and staying in barbershop tents, climbing in the Atlas Mountains, breathing the scent of the world's oldest tannery and buying leather products made with traditional methods, visiting the world's oldest university Al-Karaouine, the red color of Fez To see Casablanca's white, Shafshavan's blue, to visit all the Argan lands in the world, Hasan II, who has the longest minaret in the world. You can definitely go to Morocco to photograph the mosque, sleep in riads, travel through the narrow streets and say how developed our country is.

We wish you a pleasant journey in advance.


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