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All we need to know about Sex, Drugs and Alcohol. Educational clips from the 40s, 50s, 60s, 70s and 80s. Has time changed or has it changed? All films are in the public domain

Drugs that sufferDrugs Similar to This (1979)

This film tries to simplify the message of drug addiction with an analogy with children who put together the Lego blocks. Although metaphors do not make much sense, the visual impact of the film is striking and can easily be popular among people using illicit drugs. Also, as in most anti-drug films, this may be an entry that annoys some young people to escape their “boring” lives or to rebel against their parents.

snow bittorrent heresyAbdominal Deflection I (Ca. 1965)

Funding An anti-pornography film produced by Charles Keating, linking pornography to the Communist conspiracy and the collapse of Western civilization. Keating is pretty serious about it. Here is an excerpt: ız We must try to save ourselves from this twisted, tortured evil. We must save our nation from decay and save our children from the fear of heresy. "

snow bittorrent heresyDistraction of Profit II (Ca. 1965)

Another quote from this anti-pornography movie: “Now, you may ask yourself, why is this sudden concern? Pornography and gender deviation were always on the side of humanity. That's right. But now, think of another truth. There has never been obscene traders in world history, and the teachers of unnatural sexual behavior provided modern opportunities to spread this mess. High speed presses, fast transport, mass distribution. They all brought together the most obscure obscenity to reach every man, woman and child in the country. "

alcoholAlcohol is Dynamite (1958)

Youngsters Bud and Jack, willing to buy some alcohol from the liquor store, ask adults to buy it for themselves. Instead, the adult tells them the story of three young people who hardly learn that “alcohol is a violent narcotic”. To cope with the guilt feeling of the others leave unconcerned nights.

Latest prom downloadThe Last Prom (1980)

A prominent alcohol-related outbreak of death on prom night led to the release of this film. Although alcohol plays a role in the chart, you should wonder about that dangerous tunnel of fake massacres that we see on the screen. Filmmakers realized that young people cannot identify with even a slightly dated message; Although the story remains the same, this film was rebuilt to update fashion later. School choir soundtrack makes this movie even more creepy

human reproductionHuman Reproduction (1947)

Although this gender education film focused on presenting the anatomy and physiology of human reproduction in sober medical terms, its launch launched a debate on the legitimacy of sex education in many American cities and cities and public schools. The film is about an adult trying to decide how to answer her son's natural questions about gender and reproduction. With excellent diagrams of the reproduction process.

while children sufferMen's Growth (1957)

Sex education film for young men, as an authority figure and teacher with a first-rate peer team coach. How does the male reproductive system work, why it works and what can we do with this thing?

how much af edu edu bittorrentHow Much Love? (1957)

How far can young people go about making love and still fall within the limits of personal standards and social spaces? You love someone, they love you, everything looks fun, but suddenly you find yourself in a position where you fight against the causes of physical impulses.

a case for beerA Case for Beer (Ca. 1970)

An educational film about the dangers of selling beer to minors. The film is really very informative, designed for market owners. Don't cheat, otherwise you'il lose your license and never sell anything again.


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