A CORUNA NIGHT LIFE A Coruña Where, In What Country – A Coruña, or La Coruña, is a city in the northwestern part of Spain.

A CORUNA NIGHT LIFE is a city in the northwest of Galicia, the autonomous region of Spain. This city is also the center of the province of A Coruña. It was the center of the region between 1833-1982. It is about 603 km from the capital Madrid. Located 70 km from Santiago de Compostela, this city is located on the Atlantic Ocean.

A Coruña was listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2009. There are many beaches, historical buildings and natural beauty areas. Especially the Tower of Hercules attracts attention. Apart from this, the vast beaches are quite remarkable. It is used as a summer residence for many Europeans. Apart from these, the city's unique food, culture, nightlife and entertainment is quite colorful. If you fall here, visit this city.

As A Coruña (also known as La Coruña) does not mean much to many people, let us first enlighten you on the subject, as you can understand from our reference to our title. In the Spanish province of Galicia, on the northwestern end of the country, 70 km from the city of Santiago de Compostela, this is a very small city on the Atlantic Ocean. Like the rest of the world, we didn't know much about Deportivo until we set foot here. Let me now examine the demographic structure.

(It was a very serious introduction for us. In addition to being a popular summer destination by Europeans, especially the Spaniards, this place is also known as the starting point of Zara, where Turkish girls cannot eat their bread. We cannot pass here without sharing a brief success story with you. Zara started her career as a clerk when she was young and today is the richest 3 in the world. It was founded by Amancio Ortega of A Coruña who became his own person. Because the company's headquarters are still in A Coruña, people come here often for work. So much so that we do not know much about this city just because of the Istanbul flights are organized.

Galicans, like any other Spanish province, have a different culture, people, and even their own language (Galician-we do not make up). With its marina, miles of beaches spread across the Atlantic ocean, the diversity of water sports that the crazy Atlantic waves give, the food, the lush environment and the pleasant streets to walk, we deserve to be included in our lists of places to visit as an alternative holiday destination. A Coruña Travel Guide.

When to go to A CORUNA YA?

Winter – A Coruña is hardly noticeable, even in winter, when the air drops below 10 degrees. (because we're always there) However, it is necessary to take into account the frequent rainfall. We should note that there is a high probability of exposure to strong winds as it is the coast. If you want to spend your holiday in a more mild weather, while the city is more active, you can skip the winter months. However, if you are going for another reason other than holiday and your trip coincides with the winter months, there is nothing to do. Aside from the joke, it can't be said that it's too hard, but it's good to be prepared and bring thick, rain-appropriate clothes and shoes.

A Coruña is quite calm and empty during the winter, as it does not have a very busy population and attracts tourists more during the summer. The Coruña people who like to spend the night in motion are not officially faint during the day. In the evening, you suddenly come across groups of people who emerge from the hole where they are hiding. No daytime where it is impossible to understand where these people are working, because during the day the streets are empty, as if it were an abandoned city. Why do we say this, if you go in the winter “ulan is quarantined in this place, we should not be in a place where we should not have kidneys stolen” thoughts, such as normal situation.

Summer- We know that we are excited about the beaches, but the weather does not go much parallel to the overall Spain, and even in the hottest summer months of July and August, the average temperature does not rise above 22-23 degrees Celsius. However, it is not possible to say that the Galician people complain about these weather conditions and you can see the beaches full on every sunny day. If we add the suspicion of an insufficient weather to swim into the sea, such as 22-23, whether there is a shark in the ocean or what vague creatures are, it does not mean that we will not hang out by spreading our butt on these sandy beaches, even though we will skip swimming here.

Spring / Autumn – The ideal time to visit A Coruña is certainly spring and autumn. During these periods, the weather is perfect for exploring the area and taking walks by the sea. Watch out for the rain! Since it can be cool in the evening, you should take 1-2 thick things with you.

A CORUNA NIGHT LIFE a coruna spain Transportation

Due to the relatively small airport in A Coruña, the number of direct flights from Europe is quite low. For this reason, those who want to reach here, mostly using the airport de Santiago de Compostela 70 km away from the city.

Transportation From Airport to City

There are 4 ways to get to A Coruña from Santiago airport;

– Taxi: Taxis are the easiest transportation options for most cities. However, because it is 70 km away, it may cost a little bit. In taxis, the meter starts at 3.70 Euro and 0.95 Euro is charged per km. In order to reach A Coruna by taxi, you have to consider a budget of 75-90 Euro. Don't be surprised if you can't find a taxi when you leave the airport. Especially in the winter months, only 3-5 planes depart daily at this airport, so it cannot be said that taxis are of great importance. However, if you experience problems, you can ask for support without consulting.

a coruna 1 – Bus: There is a bus from the airport directly to A Coruña. However, it only makes it a bit difficult to get up at 12:15 once a day. This bus can also be used to return from Coruña to the airport. The bus leaves from Hotel Atlantico at 09:15.

KiralamaCar rental: There are many rent-a-car companies that we are familiar with such as Avis, Enterprise and Hertz at Santiago airport. Although living a car-free life in A Coruña is quite easy, it can be a more comfortable ride from the airport to the city as well as an ideal option for exploring the city, as the car is affordable (even more convenient than the taxi option).

Tips: Finding parking in town is quite easy and gasoline prices are affordable. If you are going to use a motorway during your journey, do not ignore the toll booths at the motorway points. You have to buy tickets at these toll booths and pay a fee at a certain point of the highway. As there are no barriers in these toll booths, you are likely to ignore and pass quickly. (I think we've been a little too much to come to us) If you experience such a mishap, do not panic, you pay twice the fee when you do not have a ticket, but this is a fee around 6 euro.

– The age limit for renting a car is normally 25, but if you are under this age, you can rent a car by paying an extra fee. Yes, in our opinion, this application is quite ridiculous but this rule is valid in many parts of the world.


Although the train option sounds nice, it can be said that this transportation option is the most inconvenient. Because to use the train you must first reach the station in the center of Santiago. The center of Santiago is about 15 km from the airport. To get there, you can use buses or taxis that depart every half hour at the airport. The bus costs 3.50 Euro. There is a fixed fee of 21 Euro to get to the center for the taxi.

Click here for train times and prices.

Transportation in A Coruna

You can walk to almost every point in the city. However, if the weather is not suitable for walking or you want to reach your destination more timely, you can use a tram, taxi or bus. The tram line follows the 9 km long promenade.


We think we have convinced you that A Coruña is not a big place. It's not the kind of place where the black waters land on your feet. Therefore, if you want here, you can say that you will not experience a great indecision. Everywhere is quite close to each other and the location is almost impossible to make the wrong choice.

Still, we can't help but make a few suggestions. For example, on the recommendation of a local, we stayed at the Hesperia Finisterre hotel, which is a 5-minute walk from Maria Mita square and many places. The option of a room with a view is also available as it is by the sea (though almost everywhere on the coast). There is also a heated pool so you can swim from winter to summer. When we went in January, people swam perfectly, although it was 10 degrees outside. In addition, NH La Coruña Atlantico, Melia Maria Pita near the beaches of Riazor and Orzan, Hotel Riazor and Zenit Coruna are often preferred.

During the winter months, the average prices of hotels are around 50-70 Euro. Even when Coruña becomes a more popular destination in the summer, prices cannot be said to be too expensive; Around 70-120.

One of the things that I loved the home of charming little cities that are not much touristy is the lack of inflated prices. Of course, if you consider these prices in euro-based. Otherwise, if you try to detect the price of TL by crossing / dividing the calculator in your head or in the head corner of your phone, things can come to a different dimension. Here we share a proposal that we like to emphasize in almost every guide; forget the currencies other than the local currency abroad for a while.

A few examples of prices in Coruña:

Water: 1-3 Euro

Coffee: 1.50 – 3 Euro

Beer: 2-4 Euro

Smoking (Marlboro): 5-6 Euro

Average restaurant food: 8-15 Euro

A Coruna Attractions & Sights A CORUNA NIGHT LIFE

A Coruña is not a city where you have to run around like a mad museum to visit, to grow places to see. “What the hell is this city then?; you will leave the flow of the cities by summarizing saying. As you walk around calmly, you will discover many places by yourself,, when we say we will see a place by mistake we have removed four of them ar you will be experiencing the joys. If you need to sort the places that may interest you as follows;

torre de hercules

Le Torre de Hercules

Torre de Hercules is the oldest lighthouse in Europe, 2000 years old and still the symbol of A Coruña. It is also included in the UNESCO World Heritage Sites. You can climb over 250 steps and climb to the top of this lighthouse and take lots of landscapes. Also, if the crazy winds do not stop you, it can be enjoyable to walk around the walking paths. If you get used to walking, go to the seaside and watch the giant waves.

-Mondays free, other days 3 €

– Hours: Open every day, October – May: 10:00 – 18:00 June – September: 10:00 – 21:00

-Address: Av. Navarra

-There is a parking lot, you can use the tram and buses that continue along Paseo Maritimo street.

Castelo de San Anton

In the seaside city the castle would not be missing. This is 16. It is the most important castle of A Coruña, which dates back to the century and now houses the archaeological museum. As you can see, we don't say much about its history. But for those interested in history and archeology, this may be interesting. The museum has important artifacts related to the history of the city.

Price: 2 €

Address: Paseo Alcalde Francisco Vazquez, 2

Hours: September – June closed Monday, Sunday 10: 00-14: 30 other days 10: 00-19: 30

Monday to Sunday in July and August 10: 00-15: 00 other days 10: 00-21: 00

san anton castle coruna aquarium finisterrae

In fact we normally do not like to advise you to go to most of the cities you go and also see an aquarium. Because, apart from a few scrumptious versions, most tourists cannot go beyond the facilities to attract tourists. However, if sharks, octopuses and strange sea creatures excite you, if you say değerlendirmek I want to get to know some Atlantic Ocean ”and you have time, you may want to evaluate this aquarium. It is very interactive and educational.

-Input 10 €

– Address: Paseo Marítimo Alcalde Francisco Vázquez, 34, (near the statue of Hercules, by the sea)

– Hours: 10:00 – 18:00

Casa Picasso

Pablo Picasso, the master of painters, the king of hearts, lived in A Coruna in 1891-1895. A Coruña, whom he moved as a child, is said to have an important place in his life. In this period of new interest in art, people on the beaches of Coruña, fishermen in the harbor and important works of the city were reflected in their paintings. This house was later transformed into a museum and it is possible to see some of Picasso's first works of art in the museum.


-Address: Calle Payo Gómez, 14

– Hours: Different hours are applied to visit the first and second floors. Watches can vary frequently, it is useful to check periodically without going to some parts even when closed.

Second Floor Entrance: Tuesday-Saturday 10:30 to 14:00 and 17:30 to 20:00, Sunday 10:30 to 14:00

First Floor Entrance: Tuesday – Saturday 12: 00-14: 00 and 18: 00-20: 00, Sunday 12: 00-14: 00


Bellas Artes da Coruña

Have you ever visited a museum of works by artists like Rubens, Goya, Ribera? We visit. When we set foot in the city we heard that A Coruña has an art museum. There must have been a reason Picasso was so curious and fond of here, and this city had to have a wonderful art collection. (how long have we been looking for a place to use the remarkable word).

When we left, we realized that we were the only ones living in this curiosity. We're not exaggerating, we really were the only ones in the museum. We have to admit, we didn't encounter such a wonderful museum as we expected. However, of course, it is possible to see works that are magnificent and of course based on ancient history. This museum, which is mainly composed of Spanish painters, also exhibits periodically some of the works in the Prado Museum, one of the world's most important art museums.

-2015 Picasso exhibition is held in February-May.

– Fee: 2.40 €, discounted 1.40 €

-Address: Calle Zalaeta

– Hours: Closed Monday, Sundays 10:00 – 14:00, Saturday 10:00 – 14:00 and 16:30 – 20:00 other days 10:00 – 20:00

Plaza de Maria Mita

Small or small, but this does not mean that the city will not have a grand square. Plaza de Maria Mita. Maria Mita, the British trying to seize the city in the 1500s, when the commander's wife is killed in the gas to fight (even said to kill British soldiers) and become the hero of the city. In the meantime, the magnificent building you will see in the square, Ayuntamiento, that is the city hall.

Paseo Maritimo

Paseo Maritimo is a 9 km coastline of A Coruña. This street, which will be 13 km long with the works currently being done, is also known as the longest promenade in Europe. You can use this street that surrounds the city center to reach many points you want to go on foot or just to have a pleasant walk by the sea.

Deportivo La Coruña

Even if you don't have the slightest knowledge of A Coruña, if you have a close relationship with football, especially La Liga, or if you are claiming abdominal toughness, you know Deportivo La Coruña, the city's football team. Deportivo, which we remembered as a successful team at the time, is resisting to stay in La Liga today, but it does not give a bad hand to criticize this team. Why is that? A CORUNA NIGHT LIFE Let's clarify the situation with a short story. When Barbarossa Hayrettin attacked Spain in the Ottoman period, the Galician people helped Barbarossa and therefore the people of the neighboring city of Vigo were called u Turks amaçlı to insult the inhabitants of Coruña. Vigo Vs football team Celta Vigo has carried the tension that has been going on for years and has been nicknamed El Turco for Deportivo fans.

Deportivo supporters of this hear also stop, ridden swearing. (no they didn't) Who said, who do you go to? Yes, well, even if the event did not proceed exactly like that, they stood behind this nickname at least with the taste of being “proud to be a Turk, we are as strong as the Turks”. He even embraced this name so much that he embraced the Turks and the flag. Today, the fan group is still opening the Turkish flag in matches. CcC Deportivo cCc

la coruna spain


Ne How long have we wanted to enter the Atlantic Ocean, how well we have come to A Coruña anız If you say, your address is certain; Orzan or Riazor Beaches. Located at the bottom of the city center, 1 km from the Maria Pita square, these sandy beaches are the ideal places to unwind after a bit of sightseeing. Be warned, it looks pretty nice, but the water is pretty cold, and let's remind you again of the shark concern we mentioned above. We don't know or claim that it is, but when you think of the Atlantic Ocean, don't you think it's too scary?

Eating and Drinking in A Coruna A CORUNA NIGHT LIFE

Galicia is inspired by the whole of Spain, but has its own cuisine. Of course, tapas are also indispensable in Spain. We are talking about tapas that we try in every Spanish city we go to, but we are not disappointed unless we come across a good place. Due to the sea (or rather the ocean) coast, you may encounter a lot of seafood, or even shellfish that you have to slaughter in the majority.

Without seafood, you can also use pork dishes. Of course we won't say that the food is too bad. A CORUNA NIGHT LIFE However, when we take into consideration the Turkish food and tastes that we are consuming with pleasure and longing for 3 days, we think that it is not very abnormal to criticize the food not only in A Coruña but also in many European cities. Obviously, we're never gonna make sense of why he's so bloated. Yes, now that we have succeeded in opening your appetite, let's list some Galician food and drink recommendations.

Pulpo a feira galicia

Local dishes: Polbo a feira (octopus, pulpo), Galician Hake (Galichian style, potato fish), Percebes (a kind of mussel and very expensive for gathering under very difficult conditions), Tarta de Santiago (almond cake), Zorza (marinated cubed pork, a kind of tapa), Raxo (a meal similar to zorza, with pork potatoes) Empanada Gallega (galician empanada, usually with pork, but also very popular with seafood) Pimientos del Padron (a kind of green pepper, normally sweet but you can also come to the bitterness, but beware), Tequeno (a kind of pastry that looks like a flat bread from the outside, but with melted cheese inside, honey on the outside)

A number of streets where you can find local restaurants: Calle Esterella, Calle de Capitan Troncoso, Calle Galera, Calle Barrera, Calle de la Franja, Avenida de la Marina, Maria Pita Square

Several local restaurant recommendations: El Cora (Seafood), Adega O Bebedeiro (local food), Pablo Gallego (local food), Marisqueria Rios (seafood), a pulpeira de melide (famous for octopus), meson o pote (spanish omelette) (famous with octopus), la bombilla (tapas), Meson do Polpo (seafood), A Lagareta (tapas), Mirador de San Pedro (with view)

A couple of café recommendations: Migas Dulces Bocados, Sweet Place, The Moon Cade Bakery, Soho Cafe, Bocanegra (also known as a bar)

Savior Italian (deserves a separate category): Province Piccolino, La Saporita (both on Rua Franja street)

Local Wine: Albarinos, Ribeiro, Valdeorras, Rias Baixas

Local beer: Esterella Galicia (light and dark as a few options)

A CORUNA NIGHT LIFE / Bars: Check out the area around Calle de Juan Florez, Plaza del Humor, Calle Estrella, Calle Orzan and Orzan beach, and the Pescaderia area, if you want to suggest some more specific places; My Way Bistro, Milk, Estrella de galicia beer, Matthews Bar (Irish Pub)

Eating / Drinking Tips

– Since the city is not a very touristic place in general, one of the most touristic places in the Maria Pita square can be considered as a local restaurant. For this reason, if you have a restaurant in your eyes, you can sit down and experience local food and drink. However, it is a good idea to always look at a menu before entering it to determine if it fits your budget.

– The people of Galicia, like other Spanish people, like to eat quite late. At least restaurants in places like Barcelona and Madrid take into account that tourists come to eat at normal times. But things don't work that way in Coruña; Since the restaurants are adapted to the meal times, many restaurants open for dinner at 20: 00-20: 30. Now that you are starving and entering the restaurant at 20:00, you can see that the restaurant is empty for a very long time until around 21:30 to 22:00. Do not hesitate to say, mu Did we sit in a bad place? Bu because these people really had a hobby to eat too late.

la coruna zara


The fact that Zara has left A Coruña may raise your expectations for shopping. We were very excited to learn that Zara's first store was here. (As you can see, sometimes we get too girlly) We decided to warn you, because we are very kind and we don't want you to be disappointed when you go. There's nothing here. Now that you know us a little, you know that we like to exaggerate a little. This push will be stuck in the ass – we would like to say, but not to say shame – there is nothing, but there is no difference from any Zara you will encounter in Istanbul. This much.

If you want to suggest a few streets where you can shop in A Coruña; Calle Juan Flores (the first Zara store we mentioned above), Rua Bezantos, Plaza Lugo and Calle Real. You can also add Marineda City, Spain's largest shopping center, to the list of places to shop, where you can find many brands together. In this shopping center, there is also the famous El Corte Ingles department store of Spain.

Meanwhile, the company of Amancio Ortega, the founder of Zara, which we cannot finish above, also has the brands Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka, Oysho, Uterque, Stradivarius. I mean, he's got A Coruna, even the world. You may often encounter here.



If you want to see more places, you can visit Santiago de Compostela or Lugo.

-LA CORUNA NIGHT LIFE is not a very touristic place and we would like to emphasize that currency exchange will not be easy. In this process, we suggest you go sledding in Turkey.


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