A Program to be healthy not only to lose weight: A 21 day sugar diet

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As the summer approaches, in other words, the wedding, graduation and holiday season began to open gradually, the number of people who started dieting has increased slightly. This also increased the number of people who always start paying attention to healthy nutrition, and the interest in different dietary programs has multiplied.

Today, we are basically saying that we have a diet based on healthy nutrition and learn the details of the sugar diet that has become very popular at the moment. Yes, many of us know that refined sugar is very unhealthy for our bodies, but how far can we stay? We know it's pretty hard, especially for the sweet-tooth.

However, you can only take 21 days away from it, and at the end of this period you get rid of sugar addiction by getting healthier choices. Moreover, you do it not only to lose weight, but to the general health of your body.

If you like this idea, what is a 21-day sugar Diet, what you can do with the sugar diet for these 21 days, let us explain immediately, you decide whether to apply the sugar diet after recognizing it in all aspects.

Come on, let's go!

What is a 21-day sugar diet?

The sugar diet is a nutrition program that aims to remove the sugar from your nutrition scheme for 21 days, as you can understand the name. The sugar in here is not just the white sugar we know very well. White sugar, as well as Brown candy, and all these refined candies, including cakes, cookies, chocolate, milk or sherbet, whether it means to stay away from all the desserts.

We can give you a refreshable word for those who say, "Our mouths will not be tasted for 21 days?" If you want your dessert to meet the fruits for these 21 days, "This is not enough" if you want to support food such as honey or molasses. Not to miss the measure, of course.

Finally, let's not mention why this diet program is 21 days old. According to many research on the subject, it is important to apply 21 days for both the body to be able to spend 21 days away from the sugar and to cleanse itself from the effects of harmful sugar and to get accustomed to the deprivation of human psychology. In short, if you can keep this unsweetened nutrition program for 21 days, then your body will want a lot less dessert than before, perhaps you won't even want to consume refined sugary foods again.

What to watch for 21 days without sugar?

According to the basic lines of the 21-day sugar-free nutrition program, it should be noted throughout this sugar diet.


  • You should not drink any drink that has sugar or sugar in it, including tea and coffee, with the lightest milk desserts, sweet desserts, cakes, cookies, ice cream, fruity yogures, no dessert.
  • You should stay away from pastries, white bread, pasta and other foods that contain excessive amounts of carbohydrates, not just desserts.
  • When you want to consume bread or pastries, you should choose the ones with full wheat flour, rye, buckwheat or vented.
  • You must stay away from packaged products, you must remove the snacks from your life.
  • You should satisfy your sweet needs from fruits, if not enough, you should use foods such as honey-molasses.
  • You mustn't neglect drinking plenty of water.
  • In your meals, you should consider low-fat meats (red meat-chicken or fish), legumes, cereals, seeds, seasonal vegetables and fruits.
  • If you are determined to consume honey or molasses, you should take care not to eat more than 1 dessert spoon per day.
  • Lastly, you can drink all the herbal teas unless you add sugar into them, use all the spices to spice up your meals, let's not pass.


Sample Sugar Diet List

If you would like to receive more detailed information about the 21-day sugar Diet, the following sample sugar diet list will be useful. However, if you want to apply such a diet program, you should always consult your doctor and a nutritionist/dietician and create a special diet program. Since everyone's structure is different, you can only create the most suitable nutrition program and only your doctor, nutritionist/dietician, let's say. If you want to do something useful for yourself, do not harm before you realize it, do not neglect your health, and we are going to the sample sugar diet list to give you ideas.

Day 1

Breakfast: 1 piece of boiled eggs, cheese, tomato, cucumber, plenty of greens, 1 slice of whole wheat or rye bread
Intermediate meal: 1 servings of fruit
Lunch: 1 bowl of vegetable soup (without cream, uncooked), grilled fish or chicken, lots of salads
Intermediate meal: Yogurt or 1 servings of fruit
Dinner: Vegetable meal with olive oil, bulgur pilaf, yogurt

Day 2

Breakfast: tomato-cucumbers, abundant greens, curd cheese, olives, 1 slice of whole wheat or rye bread
Intermediate meal: 1 servings of fruit
Lunch: Grilled meat or meatballs, plenty of salads, yogurt
Intermediate meal: Walnut or raw almonds
Dinner: Meat vegetable meal, bulgur pilaf, tzatziki

Day 3

Breakfast: Cheese omelette, tomato-cucumber and lots of greens, whole wheat or rye bread
Intermediate meal: 1 servings of fruit
Lunch: Baked meat meal (fish, chicken or red meat), lots of salads
Intermediate meal: Walnut or raw almonds
Dinner: 1 bowl of soup (without cream/uncooked), vegetable meal with olive oil, yogurt

4th Day

Breakfast: Oatmeal, fresh fruit and a bowl of yogurt with cinnamon
Intermediate meal: 1 servings of dried fruits
Lunch: Dried legumes, bulgur or buckwheat pilaf, yogurt
Intermediate meal: 1 slice of rye bread, a piece of cheese
Dinner: Vegetable meal with olive oil, tzatziki

5th day

Breakfast: Eggs (boiled, omelette or menemen), 1 slice of bread, tomato-cucumbers and greens
Intermediate meal: 1 servings of fruit
Lunch: Mushroom meal, bulgur pilaf, lots of salads
Intermediate meal: Walnut, raw almonds or raw nuts
Dinner: Grilled vegetable meal, bread and yogurt

6th Day

Breakfast: Fruit smoothie prepared with lactose milk (banana, palm, oatmeal available)
Intermediate meal: Dried nuts (walnut, raw almonds or nuts)
Lunch: Grilled chicken, bulgur pilaf, lots of salads
Intermediate Meal: 1 serving of fruit or dried nuts
Dinner: Oven vegetable meal, yogurt

7th Day

Breakfast: yogurt, oatmeal and cinnamon mixture
Intermediate meal: dried nuts
Lunch: Salad with fish, chicken, buckwheat or vented
Intermediate meal: 1 servings of dried fruits
Dinner: Vegetable meal with meat, yogurt, rye bread

When applying a 21-day sugar-free diet program, you should take care to drink at least 2-2.5 liters of water per day, try to do sports, or at least take a walk with plenty of time.

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