The nightlife in Pattaya can be really special and the best in the world. Every time I come here, I'm having more fun than before. This place just refuses to stop and has the best nightlife venues for you to experience.
Pattaya Nightlife Walking Street
Pattaya has a perfect balance of a few things I really like:

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I believe in my opinion and you can begin to understand what Pattaya nightlife really looks like and why so many single male passengers came from all over the world?
The number of Thai girls and sex workers in Pattaya deserves a lot of respect on their own. There are thousands of thousands of girls working in any institution in the sex industry. You can say that your night life here is the best in all of Thailand.

Pattaya currency

The currency of Pattaya, located within the borders of Thailand, is Thai baht (THB). 1 TL is about 7 Thai baht.

Pattaya Sex prices for girls

Of course, the dancer girls in the A-GoGo bars (not those who serve) also serve their customers in private rooms as in other bars. However, GoGo Pattaya girls are much more attracted to the other colleagues than their peers (salaries are much higher!) and "bar fees" is about 2 times as much as the others, which means between about 1000-2000 Baht. In fact, for some special dancer girls, there can be a lot more, depending on when you want to remove them from the bar.

Naturally, when you want to be in your own room with a GoGo girl, the price can go up to 2-3 times what a normal looking daughter can find in the bar. For an all-inclusive service, check out the 3.000 Baht. In places that offer a short-term relationship, the price starts at the lowest 1.000 Baht. If you want the whole night, a number like 2,000-4,000 Baht is normal, but there's no limit to that. As in bars, there is also a bargain, but do not expect much of a discount. Also make your choice before paying the money because it may not be very attractive when the girl who looks beautiful in that beautiful dress is undressed.

Although GoGo girls usually seem to serve men alone, they can also be quite entertaining for adventure-seeking couples. A-GoGo is one of the top features of the crazy entertainment industry, which comes with the name of Pattaya.


Pattaya is a bar girl, nightlife Scenes no other city in the country can hold candles to Pattaya for available adult entertainment options. From freelancers to girls, to happy-ending massages, to the simple bar girls you see every 10-15 meters. There's no shortage of girls around. Even in low season. Pattaya is never dead! For more information, check out the low-season article in Thailand.

Although there are some changes over the years in Pattaya, nightlife is still as good as it is. Even the number of bars and sex worker girls increased or dispersed more across the city. Everything changes over time. Of course Pattaya is not different, but it is important to remember that many things have changed for the better in Pattaya.


They call Pattaya "Disneyland for Adults"… And after the first time I got here, I knew exactly what they meant.

Having sex here is like drinking water. It becomes the second nature and you won't even think about it. When you're here, gender is never important because it's always just a few steps away.

I suggest you check my book. It will seriously improve your game with women and teach you a lot about the causes of attraction in women. It is a necessity for children who want to have free sex.

This is a general guide. This is what you need to know about nightlife in Pattaya and the best hot spots in the city.

Walking path to Pattaya (Pattaya walkstreet)

When you think of go-go bars and Pattaya nightlife, think about the street walk first. This place is shaking every night. It seems like every 10-15 meters you will see the go-Go bar. Most of the girls who work in these go-go bars in Pattaya are very hot and young. Just remember that fines are a bit expensive (600-1000 Baht).

Pattaya nights and entertainment on the walking Street are for short-lasting tourists and the prices reflect this. It's pure fun. Remember the Disneyland offer? So this probably stems from where: walking down the street! To get an idea of the nightlife in Pattaya, you have to try these go-go bars at least once. Pattaya nights can offer a lot of fun in this area.

Here you will also find a few Ladyboys. Please note that Pattaya is a city in Thailand.

Gogo bars are like strip clubs in the back, but have a better experience and lower prices. Gogo, Pattaya is an important element of night life. To give you an idea, you can spend a wonderful night spending 4500 baht i.e. 650Tl (depending on the girl and your interview skills). This includes a few drinks for you, a few for lady drinks, plus its barfine and short time costs.

It's not bad at all, in a very beautiful body and under the age of 25. If you've ever had a party in Las Vegas, you'll think the Walking Street gogo bars in Pattaya are a good deal. Overall, the prices in Pattaya are still quite good. You just need to know the prices and don't pay any more.

Average prices on the road go to the bars on Walking Street in Pattaya nights:
Beverages: About 80 baht for draft beer. 150 Baht Regular drinks. 150 Baht Lady drink.
Bar fines: between 800-1000 baht.

If you want to have free sex in Thailand, check out my Thai Cupid guide. So far, you can easily meet and have sex with "normal" girls.

Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhoa nightlife hot spots
Soi Buakhoa at night in Pattaya

I have to add these hot spots to this Pattaya guide. This area is not as touristy as Walking Street, but there are excellent Gogo bars and beer bars that are still worth checking out. Night life was quite busy at night, exciting and one of the best hot spot areas to control.

Pattaya nightlife is not well known by most tourists in the early days of Pattaya tourism. It was visited by more experienced immigrants. Over the years, more and more people have heard about Pattaya online. Now the LK Metro area and its surroundings are a well known hot spot.

In fact, I heard that Pattaya city government is trying to make all Soi Buakhoa full-time red light zone in Pattaya and remove other areas. We'll see if this really happens or if there's just rumors.

The girl sitting on the Pattaya chair, Pattaya's nightlife area, gives a more comfortable feeling than a street walk. The atmosphere is not so much "on your face" as it is walking down the street. It feels more intimate and relaxed. Pattaya has really great hotels in and around this area. You can find some really good guest friendly hotel for good prices because it is a little further away from the Beach Road. In my humble opinion, this is one of the best areas to stay as your home base. You are located right in the middle of the city and 20 minutes ' walk from Walking Street or Soi 6. It is wise to stay in an area that allows you to discover and experience the nightlife of Pattaya at all possible places.

Please note that the LK Metro area also has a few Gogo bars.

Pattaya GoGo Bar Deals

Bar fines between 800-1000 baht
Beverages are around 150 baht, depending on your order, except for the draft beer, which is about 60-70 baht. The lady drinks about 150 Baht.
The prices of the Bar girls are 2000-2500 baht for ST, 3000 baht for LT and above.
Beer bars in Pattaya prices:
Bar fines: About 400-500 Baht.
Beverages: 50-70 Baht for draft. Regular drink 120-150 baht. The Lady drinks 120-150 Baht.

Prices for Bar girls are around 1500-2000 baht for ST, 2000 baht and LT.
As you can see on the map, you will discover Soi Made in Thailand with a cool name. This street in Pattaya has more beer bars and another good nightlife area with sexy Thai girls working in it. There is another street filled with more beer bars along Soi 8, which is about 150 meters north of it. I was usually less busy during the low season in July but I was amazed at how busy they were on weekends while they were there in July. The city of Pattaya is a kind of place where you can always spend a great time.

Soi 7 & Soi 8 Beer Bar areas
A bar at Soi 7 in Pattaya is enjoying the nightlife of Pattaya

When you think about the beer bars in Pattaya, you should consider Soi 7 & Soi 8. That's why it's not a good start for you to take Soi 7 & 8 for at least one beer or two. This place is jam filled with beer bars and the party goes up to 3-4.

The best girls in Pattaya are wild and especially in this area. The vibe of the nightlife is pretty good and it is recommended to check.

The street explodes on both sides of the street, and the girls dance and you have to get into their bar to party with them. When I think about Thai bar girls, that's really what I think.

Nightlife in Pattaya: Discos

Pattaya is home to many discotheades, with venues for nightlife entertainment. Most of them are in the south of Pattaya, especially Walking Street and 3. It's located on the street. These discos are recommended for those wishing to dive into the nights of Pattaya and have fun. In Pattaya, the discos with high-tech audio and video systems, interesting music from one of the world famous DJS, dazzling lighting systems, huge LCD displays with carefully crafted video mixes and It attracts fun-loving customers with its decorations offering a comfortable disco and dance atmosphere.

Disco culture started in Pattaya during the times of the Vietnam War when American soldiers came here to relax. They drank and danced like crazy until they got drunk. The discos that remained from that time to this day still exist. Most of the disco's dance tracks were flooded in those days, but now they're all fixed up. There are a lot of people who miss those old days.

Pattaya Discos

Pattaya is the heart of nightlife and entertainment, the International meeting point of Pattaya Walking Street, Tonys, Marine Disco, Lucifer, Alcazar, Club Insomnia, Walking Street Bar and Mixx Disco are the most popular of them. In addition, go-go bars in Pattaya are very popular places.

Pattaya Discos
Western-style discos: People who are party-crazed from all over the world flock to these discothees. Asian, European, Middle Eastern or American. They all come together and enjoy this union. They have fun dancing together with high music, accompanied by cocktails or known brands. Many discos also play Western music, but there are also Thai music plays.

Thai Discos: Most of these discotheques play Thai music and are generally preferred by locals. These new Thai-themed discos start music in the early hours of the evening, and then it's showtime. Dancers climb the stage and show their skills. Some of these discois also cater to families and have a very relaxed atmosphere.

Walking Street Discos

  1. Club Insomnia

A nightclub on Walking Street (formerly at Soi Marina Plaza), claiming that Thailand's hottest girls came here every night to have fun. Club Insomnia Pattaya's favorite entertainment and meeting venue with the world famous DJS ' self-permeating music, hot Thai girls and a spectacular party atmosphere.

  1. Marine Disco

Located right in the heart of Walking Street, it is one of the most well known discography of the nightlife entertainment in Pattaya for many years. Marine is known as the place where you can find girls at a very late time, just because a lot of freelance prostitutes usually come for their second shift – taking their fees at their previous venue and leaving as "short-term".

  1. MıXX Discotheque

Pattaya is known as the first luxury and most interesting disco in nightlife, and it actually combines two disbays into one. If you are a House, or a Trance music-loving Crystal Palace, you will love the wonderful atmosphere of this technological marvel. If you like R&B or Hip Hop more, Rouge Club is a place for you. The MıXX is open until late at 9 p.m., with the best Thai DJS and beautiful dancer girls. He's very interested in the Russians. Bali Hai Plaza, 3. Kat (The south of Walking Street, Bali Hai Port)

  1. Star Dice

It is located in Pattaya Garden Resort on the road to Naklua. Star Dice is a discothee offering traditional Thai-style live music and entertainment shows. You can bring your own whiskey bottle and just want the shaker and ice. There is no such thing as a double charge on Walking Street, but there are no free-working prostitutes. It is very popular among locals and tourists.

  1. Walking Street Pub

It's just a little further down the entrance to Walkking Street. It draws attention to the red car hanging at the entrance of the disco, which is entered in a narrow break. There are pool tables at the entrance, the disco with its non-smoking fresh air and good music is among the top quality discos of Pattaya nightlife. The central part of the disco has a bar where drinks can be taken. The seats lined at the bottom of the wall are good for relaxation after the fatigue brought by the night's tuition. It has a clean air for non-smoking. There are places to smoke on the exit.

  1. Tony's Disco & Entertainment Complex

A big entertainment complex in the south of Walking Street with live music and dance shows. It's the most popular meeting point in Walking Street for girls with the same logic and free work as Marine Disco. It is a place where Turks and Arabs often go, and Turkish and Arabic songs are also played.

Warning: Tony is notorious for paying more than usual to strangers. The drinks are sold to local girls at a reasonable price, and they pay at least double to foreigners. Still, going to Tony's place is like a part of things to do in the nightlife of Pattaya, and every night the bird wants to go. Decide for yourself whether you like Tony's place or not.

BC Lucifer Disco

Pattaya Nightlife Video

An expensive disco with many girls looking for a "friend" on Walking Street, with its stylish décor and being one of the hottest places in Pattaya's nightlife. The weekends have live music and are usually played by the famous American Hip Hop, Gangsta Rap and R&B. Lucifer is often known for doubling accounts for strangers, but the interior design resembling the cave and the entertainment it offers is worth going.

At night Beach Road is definitely worth checking out and is a component of Pattaya night life.

You will also find a few foreign girls who are hanging in this area of Pattaya. The beaches are the perfect area to watch and watch or walk on the street or go to Soi 8, 7 and 6. Plus, it's a good point to set up a meeting point for the Thai girls you met. In Pattaya.

There's no place like Soi 6 in Pattaya. Or anywhere else in Thailand, aside from the rest of the world. Located on Beach Road, this street is about 500 metres from the bars of Soi 7 & 8. About 90% of the entire street are bars full of sex worker girls working in it. In terms of entertainment and I think it's worth the money, probably Pattaya's best.

Although there are beer bars all over Pattaya, Soi 6 is different. Very convenient and direct (yes, even for a place like Pattaya).

You don't even have to leave the facility to have a great sexy time with the Thai bar girl of your choice. What's more, girls here are surprisingly attractive and fun to hang out with a fun nature about themselves. This area is only specific to Pattaya-it has rooms in a short time. Even when we think this place is not new, it's still becoming a favorite place to relax in Pattaya for a lot of people.

This place can come after everything 1 pm and it will be fine. Not just a night's life in Pattaya.

An afternoon in Pattaya is a great way to relax. Days go by, the bars are closed and there are not enough girls working in other beer bars. After about 5:00 the whole street is completely alive and kicking up to 1 AM when it dies.

3 things you shouldn't do in the GoGo bars in Pattaya

Pattaya's nightlife represents the most famous nightlife in South Asia. Pattaya, about 1 hour away from Bangkok, is an enthusiastic city that does not lose its mobility for 24 hours.

Beach Road stretches along the coast to Walking Street. The girls who are waiting for their clients on the road are throwing smiles at the passers. The world-famous Pattaya nightlife comes to life on the very crowded Walking Street. There are dozens of top-class bars, discos, restaurants and strip bars in the heart of entertainment. Night life starts like 10 a.m. and the moan lasts until morning.

Pattaya GO GO bars with beautiful and sexy Thai girls, blood pressure booster striptease shows and entertainers, Walking Street, where Pattaya's most popular venues, with more than 50 bar-disco, massage parlour, is the heart of night life. In the evening between 18.00-02.00 streets are closed to traffic, the atmosphere and colors are changing immediately, the other side of Sin City Pattaya is emerging. With all her fantasies and crazies, her nightlife stretches through this alley from sunset to dawn.

You can find these girls who are on stage in the half-naked way, mostly on the South Pattaya (Walking Street, Pattaya Soi 2), and are now able to locate them all over Pattaya. Although some venues have been there for years, the other less successful ones change the name, format or hand every few months

While visiting Pattaya Go-Go bars, you need to keep in mind the most important rules to follow.

  1. Don't take pictures

  2. Don't try to go out on the runway and dance with the girls!

  3. Leave your mobile phone at the hotel
    Yes, well, that must be a very important habit. Do not put your iphone 8 phone on the coffee table where it happens; It could be gone any minute.

Pattaya is the entertainment hub of Thailand. Walking Street and its bars and go-go bars are also the heart of entertainment. The writings of those inexperienced in nightlife are useful in reading attention.

Pattaya Go Go Bars

Would you like to watch half-naked Thai girls dance in front of your eyes? Whether you're a single man or a couple, you'll be interested in the Pattaya Go Go bars.

As of 2013, the number of GoGo bars in Pattaya is over 80 and you can find it on many streets, especially Walking Street. The GoGo bars, one of the head actors of Pattaya's nightlife entertainment, are air-conditioned, with a dance platform in the middle and places full of beautiful dancer girls wearing interesting dresses or bikers. Despite the intense interest in the bizarre shows in most of Thailand's venues, the fully nude dance performances, which are truly attractive, are still in the A-GoGo bars.

Although Pattaya's tourism experts have been incredibly busy trying to create a quality tourism city image, the expectation of a large proportion of my tourists is the basis of a lot of sexual needs and fun. Pattaya is a city that gives a lot of right.

Many bars also run a little out of the ordinary, adding different objects such as balloons, bananas, cigarettes (removing cigarette smoke from the vagina) to shows. And the performances of two hot girls together (Lesbian show) are also very satisfying.

As a seating arrangement, in bar chairs, in comfortable armchairs, either right next to the stage or surrounded by mirrors. However, if you sit in front of the stage, you will be too close to girls to get your neck!

Probably because people often have a neck eclipse, dances made on mirrored tables have become increasingly popular in recent years. The reason for the mirror is that the girls who wear miniskirts under their short skirts have no movement of the customers who have had to turn their heads down unintentionally, and even the slightest physical details between the legs. They don't want to miss it.

Girls in some GoGo bars also give the same service in the Whirlpool to comply with international hygiene standards! You know…

Unfortunately, the music played in GoGo bars is usually composed of medium-quality Thai techno or high-noise dance music that doesn't sound very pleasant. Fortunately, some bars are hiring DJS that play Rock ' n ' Roll or similar-quality music to appeal to the future ages.

There is usually no extra charge for the entrance fee or the monitored show. Only a few places that serve Asian customers are asking for entry fees, so stay as far away from them as you can. It is unlikely to come across Pattaya in Bangkok's Patpong area.

. So going to a GoGo bar is something that every tourist should have on the "to-do List".

Only to see it, you must go, alone or with your wife!

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