Do Pilates exercises strengthen your yoga practice?

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Very popular in recent times, Pilates and yoga actually consist of complementary exercises.
Foundations, philosophies, dates may differ.
Because I'm a pilates instructor and a yoga student, sometimes questions come about which is better. There is actually no direct response to these questions.
The answer will vary depending on what you intend to do with the exercises and how often you want to do it.

Do Pilates exercises strengthen your yoga practice?
Pilates exercises can make your muscles work

I am delighted and happy to do both. I do my own exercises regularly, I observe that my yoga practice is very useful to me. I can tell you that Pilates exercises help me protect my balance in yoga by strengthening my abdominal muscles, and that many Pilates exercises protect me from injuries, and increase my awareness.

Yoga is blended with the Far East philosophy, a branch focused on self-reliation and development. By doing Yoga you can reduce your stress level, take advantage of calming effect, gain concentration and focus strength. Yoga is also a teaching that supports psychology and healthy life with benefits such as feeling happy, positive thinking and enjoying life.

Regular yoga can be very effective for balance, flexibility, joints and connective tissue, power and a calm mind.
In yoga, Ashtanga, Hatha, Yin Yoga are many kinds, but the philosophy and flow of each one is separate from each other in the body.

Pilates is especially deep muscle in the body and it is almost the same for the work of muscle groups in every region of your body.

At the same time, the flexes in the post exercises will also improve you in yoga exercises. I enjoy taking Yoga lessons and observing the contribution and effect of Pilates and yoga to the mentally and physically interconnected students.

Do Pilates exercises strengthen your yoga practice?
Yoga and Rice may have complementary points for each other

What can the Pilatesin contribute to yoga exercises?

-The muscles of the core region of Pilateste are strengthened. This helps you to be stronger in balance and flow in your yoga practice.

– There are exercises specifically aimed at protecting the knees in pilateste. In the exercises performed on the side of the pilateste, especially the lateral internal and external leg exercises help strengthen and stabilize your knee joint. Yoga exercises will protect you if you challenge yourself in standing movements or if you do wrong, in the event of a load on the knees.

-The correct posture of the shoulder arch in a healthy flow is another point that is considered by yoga instructors in yoga practice, but the conscious mobility and empowerment in the shoulder joint can effect the deep muscles along with Pilates Will protect you from the shoulder injuries that may arise in yoga.

– Pilates will raise awareness about a long spine and a correct posture. It is especially supportive by preventing spine injuries in tread exercises, which strengthen the abdominal muscles. This awareness and awareness will also help in yoga exercises.

-When you notice many muscle groups that you do not feel in your body in the pilateste, and when you carry these mindset to many poza you do yoga, it will protect you from injuries with a conscious flow.

The principle of Pilates and yoga is to add flexibility to the body and to make powerless muscles that cannot be developed with basic sporous. Yoga and pilates that enhance body resistance also have positive effects on the immune system. It is also a proven fact that the people who stop sports do pilates and yoga, preventing deformation in their bodies.

Pilates will protect you from the risk of injury in your yoga practice for many regions in the body.

Do Pilates exercises strengthen your yoga practice?
Pilates and yoga can help you increase your mind power

Especially for the students of Ashtanga and Vinyasa, I can tell you this: by strengthening the group of Pilates Kor region muscle groups, you may be quite surprised by the exposure that you have crossed and in many similar poses.
More and more Pilates exercises with a stronger body and a more aware yoga practice, I wish to reflect on your life.


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