Nightlife in SAINT PETERSBURG, Russia


St. Petersburg or St. Petersburg. St. Petersburg stands for Sankt-Peterburg and has the largest nightlife and clubs in Europe.

St. Petersburg Entertainment
At the time of this writing, the city of St. Petersburg has a population of approximately 5 million and the price of beautiful hotels for accommodation starts at least 200 lira per night. It is one of the largest and most glorious cities in Europe and the world. As such, nightlife, entertainment and nightlife are quite colorful and vibrant.


St. St. Petersburg Attractions
Nightlife in St. Petersburg
Previously, Turkey – Russia between good, while Russia did not require visas from Turkish citizens in Turkey to deal in Petersburg, so it was always possible to come across. However, nowadays, because of the fact that Russia wants a visa and the visa fee is $ 150, Turkish citizens have almost withdrawn their hands from Russia.

For those who have time and money, we wanted to write this article about Petersburg Night Clubs. You can go to any of the places below and enjoy yourself.

Griboedov: Petersburg is said to be the best club. Admission is free, but when the concert is available, the admission is between € 10-20. It is situated in an underground shelter and the restaurant is on the upper floor. It has been in service since 1996 and is one of the oldest night clubs in the city.
Address: Voronezhskaya ul., Building 2A – Metro Ligovsky Prospekt

Purga: It is one of the super quality places of the city where entrances are sometimes paid and sometimes free. It has become a symbol of the city for almost 10 years. It is one of the clubs that tourists come to.

UNION Bar & Grill: From Thursday to Sunday it is usually busy and entrances are free. Their service is generally poor, but entertainment is generally appreciated.
Address: Liteyny Ave., 55, St. Petersburg 191014

Lomonosov Bar: It is said to be one of the best party clubs in town. 3.katl is. There is karaoke on one floor, a bar on the other and a dance club on the last floor. There is a belief that the most beautiful Russian girls came to this club. The location of the city center makes it special.
Address: Lomonosova St., 1

Club A2: Sound, light, graphics, speakers, dance everything is very nice. It has a rink like concert area. The only shortage consists of long queues in buying tickets. We recommend that you buy the ticket online. So you're going to come in much faster.
Address: Medikov Avenue, 3

Metro Club: Even though it is one of the best night clubs in the city, you will witness that almost no one speaks English. When you come to St. Petersburg, you must stop by. Entertainment guaranteed venue.
Address: Ligovskiy Prospekt, 174

Retro Disco Club Gagarin: A place where contemporary retro music is played. Though not very active, we think it is an ideal club for heavy brothers.
Address: Komendantskaya Sq., 11

Dom Beata: An unusual nightclub where techno music is played. It is one of the most successful and stylish nightclubs of St. Petersburg in recent years. The owners of the Solyanka nightclub in the city of Moscow have opened. One is charged for 5-7 dollars and the average is 10 dollars for cocktails.
Address: Razyezzhaya ul., 12 – Metro Vladimirskaya

XXXX Bar: Ten places. You're having fun inside. The outgoing Turks especially recommend it. They say it's very high quality.
Address: Primorskiy ave, 72

Cocktail Project: It is a place where there are always nice parties for fun. Visitors generally say that crazy parties are held on weekends. It is one of the most positive reviews about the visitors.
Address: 3-ya Sovetskaya St., 34

Barakobamabar: You didn't come to you by name, did you:) The American president, Barack Obaman. House and techno music lovers are one of the frequented places. Let us note that only Russian is spoken inside.
Address: Konyushennaya square, d. 2nd

Jesus: It is one of the newly opened nightclubs of Petersburg. Clothing check is done at the entrance. There are two dance floors, two bars and exhibition grounds. It is one of the beautiful night clubs where techno music is mostly played.
Address: Ligovsky prospekt 50/13, Metro Ploschad Vosstanyia

Prodj: Stylish and quality place. We should say that it has a more calm environment compared to other clubs.
Address: Kazanskaya st., 7

Fidel: It is one of the legendary clubs of Dumskaya. It's always dark, crowded and fun. Stylish urban people and foreigners often come. In general, the prices are quite favorable compared to other clubs.
Address: Dumskaya ul., 9

Don’t Panic: Karaoke place. They sell beer for $ 3. The club is called Berlin style because it plays underground and plays heavy music. The music played at the club is said to be equivalent to the sound of a fighter jet at 165 feet.
Address: Ligovsky prospekt 50, Building 16

Poison: It is a nice place where the local people hang out and guests can play free songs.
Address: Lomonosova ul., 2

LUX Night Club: It is a club where stripper women usually perform interesting shows on the pole, but as the name suggests, it is a very luxurious place.
Address: Kanala Griboyedova Emb.

ХххХ Bar: A night club with high prices and a club with a bar concept. High quality music and interesting shows.
Address: 3rd Sovetskaya St., 34

Vozduh Club: This is a great nightclub by the river. Foam parties are blah blah. The only shortage is that it is a bit out of town.
Address: Южная дорога, 6

Barbara Bar: Beautiful music that plays in mind, but in our opinion, a classic bar concept has not survived much.
Address: Dumskaya St., 9

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