Nightlife in Thailand: All about Thailand nights Thailand nightlife is one of the craziest nightlife countries in the world. In Thailand I go 3 times, I'll give City city information about the nights in Thailand. Thailand Pattaya, Thailand Bangkok and Thailand Phuket nights I'll even list the venues. In particular, I will write one by one to pay attention to Thai women and Thailand. If you're ready, a very long-term Thai nightlife is waiting for you. But first I have a warning:

I'll tell you about the famous crazy Thai nightclubs GO GO bars, beach parties that are pretty open.

In almost all regions of Thailand, nightlife is incredibly colourful and fun. Enjoy live music performances in the nightlife of Thailand, and you have plenty of alternatives until you reach nightclubs. You may think that every country has the craziest side of the night life. But I'd say Thailand nights are the crazest I've ever seen. Why, Why?

Nightlife in Thailand: Pattaya nights

Let me tell you an example: I read the news about the harassment of women over the years. I was never abused as a man. Until I was in Pattaya. I'm not exaggering. You'll know what I mean when I leave.

There is a place to stay in Thailand for EUR 2-3 per night.

From the perverted stories in the country that you actually hear, everything is crazy, from a woman, male or ladyboy you don't know in the middle of the street. Like that Thai Ladyboy term. Maybe it was the first time you heard. Or you couldn't believe what you heard earlier. Don't worry: It's all in this article. But in one sentence, I'll say this again: Thai people are beautiful. Cute. It's friendly. Legend. Thailand is beautiful. We're starting…


  1. Nightlife in Thailand and Thailand nights really good?

I'm in Thailand when I say nightlife, pubs and Gogo bars come. Of course, there's no other fun. When I started writing this guide, I kept trying to write what I wrote and what not to. I finally thought I should write the every thing open.

You know, Thailand thinks everyone is a place of sex tourism. First of all, I'm telling you, this is in all countries around the world. Find and find everything you want to live in anywhere in the world.

Thailand Nights and parties: What kind of country is Thailand?

But Thailand is a little more relaxed about it, and everything is easier to reach. For example, Thailand's sex-oriented departures: Nana Plaza in Bangkok or Pattaya is the only address for sex tourism-oriented departures. Some of the massage salons in Phuket serve as a happy ending. In fact, a lot of businesses in the country, taxis, hotels, restaurants, as well as the topic comes up there.

2. What are Gogo bars?

Speaking of which, let me tell you about the Gogo bars. Gogo bars are disgusting, different according to most of the different sexual games that the Thaili women have removed from various bodies (ping-pong ball, razor, bird, etc.) from their genitals, and are also electrosive for most.

I'd say it's a place where you can go and see your curiosity. It's actually a bar or a strip-club business. You pay 300-500 Baht as a giric fee. Generally, 1 alcohol is included in the fee. Then the girls get on stage and do their show.

Thailand Nights: Trip reviews in Thailand

Sometimes they even invite you to the stage. I mean it, really! They give you balloons. The balloon shoots a Thai woman who throws arrows from her genitals. Then clap, scream, etc. …

What are ladyboylar?

To the Ladyboy. Have you ever heard the word "the most beautiful women in the world are the men of Pattaya"? This promise is for Thai trans individuals.

What is a Ladyboy? I mean, when you're a man, she's a woman, and they call them Ladyboy. They are very respected in Thailand and in most resorts they organise special dance, music and art-related shows. I told you, Taylant nights are the crazest I've ever seen! I mean, it's not really fun. It's different.

I thought we did a little quick on the entrance. If you are going to Thailand for fun and nightlife: Your priority ranking is Pattaya, Bangkok, Phuket and Koh Phangan.

Bangla Road
Bangla Walking Street – Phuket: Phuket nights are beating on these streets

Especially if you are in Thailand during the full moon period, you can be sure that you will coincide with private parties in most coastal areas. They even call those parties the Moonlight Party. If you search the Internet, you can see what days it is; You can do your planning accordingly. The most beautiful of these parties is on the island of Koh Phangan. Don't worry about it. I'll tell you the places of entertainment in the cities and islands.

4. What is the Thailand currency?

Thailand's currency is Thai baht. Except for 1, 2, 5 and 10 unfortunate coins, 20, 50, 100, 500 and 1,000 unfortunate banknotes are used in everyday life. 1 dollar is around 30-35 Baht. Setup is constantly changing. You can check the Internet before you go.

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Let's talk about "does Thailand want a visa?" He doesn't want a visa for 30 days. If you are staying longer than 30 days, you need a Thailand visa.

5. How are prices in Thailand?

Thailand, it used to be so cheap, you couldn't finish the money for 50 a day. But, nowadays, cities like Phuket and Bangkok are expensive. Well, don't look at me saying it's expensive. Still, it's more economical than most European countries. But in a nutshell, we talk about prices:

You can feed a maximum of 30 TL per meal in Thailand
You can even find a place to stay for 20 TL
The most expensive alcoholic beverages are around 30 TL.
For transportation you can go to TL 10-15 with the vehicles called TukTuk.
I'll tell you something before you ask me: The prostitution situation in Thailand is one of the people's sources of income. There'll probably be a hundred Tayili women trying to turn you off the road. From you, 1,500-2,000 baht per night, so they'll want about 50 dollars. I wanted to know that in advance…

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6. Which cities do you go to in Thailand for nightlife?
For nightlife in Thailand, I think there are three very important cities. These are: Bangkok, Phuket and Pattaya. And what is the nightlife in these cities? Which nightclubs do you need to go to? What should you consider? Let's keep telling.

Nightlife in Bangkok


How is nightlife in Bangkok? The City of Angels is the point of all travellers in Bangkok, Khao San Road is the pupil of entertainment and nightlife. From bars to live music, to massage salons; There's everything from shopping to shops, restaurants and street food stads on this street. Especially after 23:00 you need to see the crazy fun on the street!

The most important nightclubs in Bangkok nightlife are usually located in the Sukhumvit area. This area is about 10 km from Khao San Road. Away. The nearby Bangkok discos and nightclubs are:

Levels Club & Lounge
Beam and Glow
The main nightclubs in areas outside Sukhumvit

Ce La Vi
Route 66.
The Roof bars, which became more known in Bangkok after the Hangover film. Although the Sky Bar is famous for its Hangover film, Bangkok has more than 10 Roof bars. These

Banyan Tree
Octave Roof Top
Park Society
Three Sixty
Above Eleven
Red Sky is some of them.
Meanwhile, there are many nightclubs in the Patpong area.

Another type of bar is the Go-Go bars, which come to mind when it comes to Bangkok's nightlife. I told you about the Go-Go bars earlier. These places are located in the Soi Cowboy, Patpong and Nana Plaza areas of Bangkok.

Some of them will ask for admission fees, and some would sell you drinks at an overpriced price without admission fees. If they're taking admission fees, ask them if they're involved.

Click here to see prices for hotels in Thailand.

Normally, the liquor fee is included, but keep an eye on it. They'll do their best to stake you. You will probably see the TukTuk who want to take you to Go-Go bars while walking on Khao San Road. I don't think you should ever get involved with them and go with your own means, make sure it's cheaper. Again, I say:

Don't go anywhere without seeing the deal, the price or the menu.

  1. Pattaya nights and nightlife in Pattaya

Pattaya is really the country's sex tourism city, as you can see on the internet and Documentaris. That's why I say you don't prefer this place because of the honeymoon. Instead Koh Samui or Phi Phi will be a more beautiful option.

I call it sex tourism, but if you're going to see all the regions of Pattaya, you'll be disgusting when your little girl is seeing the big boys hand in the lip. This is really bad impressions for me because of what I saw in Pattaya. So I do not recommend to many people who are going to go, frankly…

But let me not pass on to those who go, without giving information about Pattaya nights. Pattaya's heart beats Walking Street in Pattaya. This street is known as a place where men are abused. But on the other hand, there are really nice nightclubs in Pattaya.

Nightclubs in Pattaya are:

Roxy Bar
Mixx Disco
Lima Lima is the most important and best quality.
If your goal is to have sex with escort Thai women, Pattaya is the right place for you. But be careful and remember that promise! "The most beautiful women in the world are the men of Pattaya!" I know. "The expedition is a disgrace. Is that so obvious? " But believe me, I don't want to go to Thailand without knowing. You're already asking hundreds of questions. Without asking, I want to be answered…

9. Nightlife in Phuket

Wherever you stay in Phuket, the right address for your stay in Patong will be Bangla Road (Phuket's Walking Street). Imagine that the road is about 400 meters from pubs where you can listen to bars, nightclubs, disco, striptease bars, gogo bars and live music. This is why Bangla Road is a fun-to-eat address within the Phuket region. You can lose yourself in Phuket nights…

Phuket's most prominent nightclubs are still in the Patong region.

The recommendations of nightclubs in Phuket are:

The White Room
Places where I can sort you first. Apart from these, the bar and nightclub, which makes countless live music, is located on Bangla Street. My special advice is to go to Smiley Bar and listen to live music. Soi Sea Dragon is where Gogo bars are. You can stop by there.

Especially where the Full Moon parties are made. Especially beach and beach parties are being held during these periods. If your destination coincides with New Moon, Half Moon, Full Moon, then I suggest you go to one of the parties where I will mention your name.

Moonlight Party destinations in Phuket

Re Ka Ta
Coast is where Beach Club parties are made according to my priority.
Apart from these, Phuket nightlife is not only limited to bars and clubs. The Ladyboys ' Simon Cabaret show, Phuket FantaSea shows, Muay Thai boxing competitions and other alternatives. But I'm telling you again: Remember to always pay attention to the so-called free Alcohol's that are especially offered in Phuket prostitutes and some venues.

Nightlife in Koh Phangan


Taking pictures in Thailand is strictly forbidden, except for bars with money.

Koh Phangan, Thailand's party island. Yes, you didn't read the wrong party island! This island has been hosting crazy parties especially every full moon period since 1985.
Apart from the wonderful nature and beaches you will find a place to party every day. Previously, only the parties in the full moon are now in half a month and new moon periods. Of course, the place where each party is made is different. Full Moon, for example, is done on Haad Rin beach. Half Moon is being made in the tropical jungle.

So there's only moon parties? No. You don't have to have a month to party in Phangan!!! You can come across a lot of parties to your mind like the Sramanera waterfall, the waterfall party, and the pool party. By the way, don't worry, by renting an engine on the island you can easily reach all the points I count.

There are also parties on the island where you cannot reach or find a difficult place on the road. For example, if you come across a party at the Eden Bar in Haad Yuan, you must go. Starting at 22:00, the party continues even after sunrise. Miss…

If you want to have fun at sunset and watch landscapes, two places where you can see the most beautiful landscapes of Freeway, Amsterdam Bar and Reggae. I also have other recommendations as a party venue: The Floating Fisherman's Shelter (Loi Lay Floating Bar) and Ban Sabaai. You will have fun for me after you have received so much information…

Bonus: Warnings about Thai women
We ate, drank, dreamed, we learned a little-too much about the crazy Thai nightlife. Maybe the plane tickets are already being searched. But the part that I love most, so we came to warn you. Please, go to Thailand by taking into consideration all my warnings that I will write now.

Bangkok Nights: Photos of the nightlife in Thailand

Never, ever, never get involved with protection. Friends. Only men will not read this article. I know. Regardless of your gender, take into consideration the "protection", which is the most important measure of your life. Please, be careful with this.
It's everything but the price for everything. Don't say yes to anything you're not sure about.
Don't trust everyone. Don't rely on employees to sell you something on the way to your home. He can be a seller, a cop, and a police officer. Be very careful with that.
Ladyboys. Be very careful with that. Then do not encounter surprises. Whatever you do, talk from the beginning…
The prices of nightlife in Thailand are not very expensive. Before flowing into the evenings, you can take your drinks from the grocery stores, especially in the 7/11, and enjoy the front a little.
Thai massages are also very famous. The average 1 hour massage fee is around 300 baht. Of course, there may be other offers when massaging…


GrungTape. The city's daily life name stands for "City of Angels" (Just like Los Angeles) and stands for the official name of the city; This is the longest place name in the world.

Only ignorant foreigners here call Bangkok; this name has been deprecated for more than 200 years. The Europeans (and all of their encyclopais) say Bangkok to Thailand's capital is similar to the Thai people claiming that Britain's capital is Billingsgate or Winchester.

Grung Tape (roughly pronounced) is often read as Krung Thep.
Bangkok, King Rama was the name of the small fishing port that existed before moving the capital here in 1782; The King founded a city in this area and gave it a new name.

The capital of Thailand is Bangkok.

Krung Thep (or Bangkok if you want it too) is the only city in Thailand and is approximately 40 times larger than the largest town that comes after it.

That's all I have to say about my Thai nightlife. Like I said, Thailand is really crazy at night. Not many countries. Fun. Day seas-islands, night streets are enjoyable. Before you even go, read my other writings one by one. The answers to all the questions you're looking for are in that software. Imagine. Think about it…

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