Let us write the famous Lviv nightlife. In this city Lviv Ukraine is 85% of women is definitely a big lie that the tour and airline companies are making up. If you have any other expectations, you should reconsider. If we put aside all this and you have friends of the opposite sex in the previous stages of your life:D, the environment you live in, your social environment, your education, your culture, your manners and your moral lines are a great night life Can. Lviv nightlife, which has its own unique culture in every aspect of the nightlife, will give you more pleasure from most of Europe. We can start at nightclubs now.

The Ukrainian city of Lviv, with its affordable restaurants and crazy Ukrainian nightlife, is at the top of places to be enjoyed and entertained. The cities of Odessa and Kharkiv are also quite nice for the nightlife. Ukrainian women in Lviv are known as the country of beautiful girls of Ukraine and you will notice it when you go to Ukraine. The country is a beautiful place not only with its beautiful daughters but also with its many natural and historical beauties. You can look at Lviv nightlife comments from the sour Dictionary of Lviv nightlife. It is known as Lvov by Ukrainians, but lives around 900.000 people in the city sung by foreigners in Lviv. In our opinion, this city is very small and is located west of the country. The city is also very close to Poland. Currencies Ukrainian hryvnia. Ukraine's money is quite worthless because of the war. (1 dollar 22.5 Grivna). You can cash in a lot of places downtown. The streets and squares of the city are almost everywhere to see the traces of German-Austrian architecture, but that's not the point. We will discuss Ukrainian nights in this article.

Fashion Club

After eating our dinner and touring a little, it was the first nightclub Fashion Club to go for the night. Located in the center of the city, in the parallel Lower street of Rynok Street, Fashion Club is not only a nightclub but also serves as a lounge bar. The night we went, there was a special event, and the top floor was closed for Karaoke. We paid 100 hryvnia at the entrance. This was the most expensive club entrance we paid in Lviv. We paid $5 apiece for the most expensive one? It was really nice and crowded inside. It was the club I spent the best night for four days. It's not normally this crowded, but we were lucky to have the night of the special celebration. I especially need to make a reminder that you take a jacket with you just in case. Your outfit can sometimes be important in the entrates. While the fun in the club is really high, I prefer to go upstairs and hang out there. In the club where circulation is continuous, you can sit in the seats if you want. There's a lot of stand in there, and it was like 5-6 in front of the bar. It's one of those rare clubs that's forbidden to smoke inside. When we went on a smoke break and we met inside, we were getting ideas about what other nightclubs we had in our conversations. I think it's good to know if it's not very pleasant.

The number of English speaking in the city is not much. If you come across young and college readers, you can talk and negotiate. For the first night in a very high nightclub, the expectations were always a click up. We were going to Zanzibar on the suggestion we received tomorrow.
As for the alcohol prices, I paid 130 hryvnia for two vodka redbulls. One's about $3. Vodka Simirnoff. For more detailed price information, see the Infashion Club menu.

 Zanzibar Club

We were going to Zanzibar on Saturday night. When we were looking for a snack with our belly hungry around 11 o'clock, McDonald's came to our rescue. They close the entrance after a certain hour in the evening, but the package service is still on the side. After a little snack, we reached the taxi in 10 minutes from the center to Zanzibar. Meanwhile, we were chatting with the Ukrainian cabbie and getting information about the city and life. I can't say they're too hot for the Russians, they don't like it, but they don't publicly express it. After reaching Zanzibar, you will leave your coats at the entrance to the vestiated floor and go to the club section. My friends didn't pay for the cloakroom. There is a shisha section on the 1st floor of the 2-storey Zanzibarın.

By dividing all the solid tulle you can drink hookah in the box air. I can say that the hookah in Lviv is very famous, and usually in nightclubs with this kind of decoration and shisha sections. We were in the bar at the club. There are sitting places opposite the dance floor and with the sides. There are 2 bars of clutter and congestion, so I'd say it's not too much. According to the previous Fashion Club, Biraaz is playing more local music. One of the nightclubs in Lviv is interesting, but there is a headset on the stage with the Dj. He talks like that during a song or something? Have an interesting customs… Websites are closed for now and they're throwing you on Facebook pages, so I can't share a link to the menu and price list. But the numbers we paid for the drinks from the bar were the same as the fashion club. It could be a click or six.

 Rafinad People Club

If we don't mention the Rafinad Club in Lviv's nightlife page. The nightclubs that we were going through asking all Ukrainian friends didn't cause us to have bad experiences. The Rafinad People Club is located in the center of the city. It will be very easy for you to locate it. It's across the street from McDonald's. Just across the street there is the Glory Cafe, which is a type of business and is a 5-minute walk away. The recommendations we received for this nightclub are based on our investigations in Zanzibar the night before? The difference between Rafina Bar's 2 other nightclubs is the striptease area. The entrance to the night was free before 11:30. My friends were there at 11:00, but I had to go inside and I paid 60 hryvnia as input by finding 00:15 ′. It's definitely one of those clubs you should be stopping in. There's not a lot of tourists and you have a relaxed atmosphere. There's a shisha section on the side and there's a strip room.

They get out of the room and the girls come over the bar and attract customers. The price of striptease rooms is 65 hryvnia. The Tl was around 7 pounds. Like 3 o'clock when my friend went to get the Jagermeister from the bar, "I think I drank too much, I do not understand what the price says 1 dollar," he called me, and when I asked for prices, like 1.2 dollars said? Turkey 70 CC ' s sold as 100TL in the environment in Lviv in the nightclub shot in the night club was really strange to say 1.2 dollars to us… They said they were taking 50 hryvnia from male 100 ladies for entry on weekends. Prices are in half the week. You can click for the Rafinad People Club webpage.

Kakadu Mens Club

Friends are one of the nightclubs I added later to my page. I would like to explain in detail the questions asked. The Kakadu Mens Club was one of the striptease venues known in Kharkov and then closed. But the same place was also in Lviv, although not much known. A few years ago, they closed their places in Lviv. You can see in your research or some of the writings you read, but Lviv is not an alternative for nightlife. The Ukrainian cities of Lviv are one of the locations where you will not be bored with both historical and nightlife. The diversity of night life will not regret your leaving. Night clubs and organizations of different concepts are literally one of the centres of Ukraine.

Nightlife in Ukraine Lviv video

Night clubs in Lviv

One of the most curious information is the list of nightclubs in Lviv, so where is what. We will continue to update the Lviv nightlife guide that we have prepared in a wide spectrum and offer it to your service.

1-Malevich Night Club

For Lviv, which is one of the biggest clubs in Eastern Europe, this new venue is built on a 3100 square meter area for parties, concerts, festivals, sporting events, a huge entertainment centre with 2 separate sections and 3 bars, with 1400 people Able. It is one of the nicest places for the city where we think you can get your choice of a newly opened nightclub. We recommend you to see this new business, which also opens 400 metres from Lviv Opera House.



 2-FESTrepublic Club

The dance and nightclub in Lviv, where famous DJ's have been performing at the World Wide night.




One of the places that adds new color to the nightlife of Lviv


4-HiresH Night Club

One of the nightlife attractions in Lviv

5-Metro Club

The nightclub is one of the most popular attractions of the city…

6-Rafinad People Club

One of the oldest and most popular nightclubs



Located on the top floor of the Roksolana Center, one of the most elite places in the city…


8-BROD WAY Concert Hall

One of the places where the local people are attracted by the different performances…


9-Renesans "Ренесанс" Club

One of the original night clubs serves as a restaurant.

10-Love ınn ıvent Club Lviv

The venue is a place for collective organisations and you can spend an evening with a music with regional delicacies.

11-The Cult Music Club

One of the fun venues for the city.

Maybe because it was so cheap, maybe it was because I was going to come back to a hateful, hated soul from Istanbul. He's got me on the way to the airport. But it just passed. But still, the place of Lviv was separate…


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